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    Ms. Wenter stood on the stage in front of the entire school population...which wasn't actually that many. "Good morning students, faculty, and staff. I suppose you are all wondering what it's going to be like here at the Zodiac Academy...well, for the most part, it's going to be the same as most schools. You will be split into 3 different classes and will rotate through Mathematics, The Sciences, History and Geography, and Languages. You will also have Theatre or Art, Powers Class, and the Study of Social Works."

    Kirstien shifted uncomfortably in her seat, her scarf covering her nose and mouth the way she was sitting, her legs tucked under her and shy brown eyes focused on the floor.
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  2. (Aries)Zorick sat in amusement as he watched the new students and staff squirm in their seats. Math, bleh, science, eh maybe,history, eh alright, the rest were ok. "It's just like any other school" he told himself. Although for some reason or other, it didn't quite feel that way.
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    Yuuki raised her high in the air, a few questions popping up into her head. Her hand was the only one up at the moment, but she still raised it so high it lifted her off her seat. She wasn't sure if questions were even being answered yet, but she knew if she didn't ask them now she'd forget them later.
  4. (Aries) Max sat back in his chair with his arms crossed looking around. "Some school..." he said to himself. Hearing the classes that he would need to take, he wondered why there were a small amount of students. He glanced at a girl raising her hand and waited to see what she had to say.
    A blond male with a hat resting on his back, the strings tied around his neck loosely, wasn't really paying attention, bored out of his mind. His eyes were focused elsewhere, glancing at other students for a few seconds before moving on. There was absolutely nothing to entertain him during the dull ceremony. He let his body slump in his seat. At the announcement of their classes, it sort of perked his interest. Art or Theatre, huh?, he thought with slight interest. When a student raised her hand, Hajime couldn't help the small groan that left his mouth. Questions would only drag the ceremony out and that's the last thing that he wanted right now. He mentally ushered Ms. Wenter to hurry and answer the girl's question.​
  6. (Capricorn) Leandro sat upright in his chair with his legs crossed. He was intently paying attention to everything headmistress said, but he couldn't help the slight drop in his heart when he was told he would have to choose a theatre or art class. His brothers constantly informed him that he was no where near perfect when it came to imaginative things, in fact he was down right bad at it. How was he supposed to get good grades if he couldn't even pass a simple Fine Arts class? The others sounded fine, though he wondered what exactly the Powers Class was.

    The red head could at least study and memorize in science and history and though he wasn't good at math, certainly if he persisted with it he could pass. His eyes glanced at the girl raising her hand so energetically and had to bite back a smile. Honestly, it reminded him of his youngest brother. His heart sank again at the thought. He hoped that they were doing alright without him.
  7. Ms Wenter looked slightly surprised that someone already had questions. She cleared her throat. "Umm, yes, Yuuki?" She motioned for the girl to ask away. She smiled gently. She already had their records memorized. What kind of headmaster would she be for a special school if she didn't know her own students?
  8. (Scorpio) Jamie sat near the back aand rested his head on his hand. He was bored, he hadn't been to an actual school in awhile and now he was somewhat regretting coming. However, there was nothing he could do about it now so he meerly sighed and glanced around the room. It looked like just about everyone was either upright and focused or louging around not caring. Oh well, at least he wasn't the only one bored. He listened to the headmistress and was somewhat happy when she talked about being able to take an arts class of sorts, Jamie had always enjoyed those types of classes.

    When the young girl raised her hand Jamie rolled his eyes. The fact was that this wasn't supposed to take that long but if one person started asking questions then another would follow and another and another. They would be here forever. He sighed and glanced around.
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    Annette sat upright in her chair, her hands neatly folded in her lap over her brown, leather messenger bag. She sat somewhat in the middle, not that there was a large crowd of students around her. Ms. Wenter, the headmistress of the school, had barely begun to delve into what to expect at the academy when a girl already had a question. Annette smiled to herself, grateful she wouldn't be the first to have to ask for clarification. She looked around, scanning the room for polite faces only to meet bored and uninterested eyes of her peers. Sighing to herself, Annette slumped slightly in her chair and decided to wait the headmistress out before asking any questions of her own.
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    Yuuki was surprised that the headmistress already knew her name. She placed her hand down, her smile bright and wide.

    "Just two questions. First, how will the dorming work? Will we find out where are rooms are and who our roommates are today? Second, is it possible to take art and theater? I don't know if I can choose just one!"
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  11. The headmaster smiled. "Your dorm rooms are posted in the dorm hallway. And yes, you can choose both, but that requires an extra hour of instruction, just beware." She said. "Are there any other questions about scheduling or dorms?"

    Kristien looked over at the girl who asked a question. Strange. She looked at the person sitting to her right. It was some blonde guy with a hat on his neck. "Do you think the headmaster's a bit..." she glanced almost nervously back at the stage, "mysterious? She already knew that girls name..." Kristien bit her lip slightly as she looked up at the guy.
  12. Hajime blinked. Someone was asking a question....and it was directed towards him. That's a first, he thought before straightening his posture, sitting up. He thought about her question quietly. It was quite strange, but, maybe, the Headmistress was just that good. He shrugged, turning to face the girl. "I don't know. I mean, yeah, it is strange that she knew. But, maybe, she's trying to be a good Headmistress." Pausing, he added, "Besides, I don't think she knows everyone's name."
  13. (Aries) "Yeah" yelled out Max while raising his hand. "When are we scheduled to get out of here? I'm pretty bored" he leaned back on his chair and put his hands on the back of his head sporting a crooked smile.
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    Kristien nodded slightly. "O-okay." she said quietly, nodding again. It made sense. "Oh..wh-what's your name? I'm Kristien." she said quietly, smiling faintly, shyly. She wondered if the headmaster really did know all of their names...that would be creepy.

    The Headmaster rose an eyebrow to Max. "Well, Max, once I cover the other things on the important information list, you will be allowed to leave." she said, shaking her head slightly as she jotted down a quick note.
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    Yuuki thanked the headmistress for answering her questions, then sat to take a look at the other students. One shouted out that he was bored, and asked when they were getting out of here. Yuuki laughed aloud, appreciating his honesty. She stopped herself though, as she didn't want the teachers to get mad at her.
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  16. Max moved one hand from the back of his head forward and rubbed his face. "Eh, fineee. Carry on master lady." he said breathing out slightly bothered. He put his hand on the back of his head again and looked on as explanation continued.
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    "Hajime," the blond responded, smiling back. "It's a weird name, I know. But my mom is Japanese," he explained. Hearing a student say that they were bored, an urge build up inside of him. One that he couldn't ignore. His hand shot up as he said in a loud voice, "I second that." It wasn't like him to do such things, but he decided to have a bit of fun today. Anything to entertain him. A playful smirk had graced his features as the Headmistress continued. He turned back to Kristen. "Sorry, meant to say 'Nice to meet you', but I got distracted." He gestured to the Headmistress and the other student.
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    Leandro's spine stiffened and he nearly sent a reprimanding glare at the boy who had yelled. It was incredibly disrespectful. He stopped himself just in time, shaking his head in exasperation at the reminder to himself. He was not in charge here.

    He fidgeted in annoyance.

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  19. "First day and people are already speaking out" zorick thought to himself. "If this keeps up, it won't be that bad here after all". He smirked a little to himself. "Should I prolong his suffering, or keep my mouth shut? Nah, no need to make enemies yet"
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    Annette frowned to herself, slightly bothered by the boy, Max she had called him, and his rude outburst. That was not the way to speak to your superior, or anyone for that matter. She could already tell she would not like this Max person, though she couldn't stop a small smile when another boy decided to speak out his "concern" as well. Well it still isn't polite, no matter how true. Annette thought to herself as her smile turned back into the irritated frown.