Grey or Gray?

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  2. It's Grey you American Bastards (Joking on the Bastards part)
  3. [​IMG]

    You heard me.
  4. Gray all the way.
    It's not cray-cray.
  5. Whichever one my spell-check doesn't complain over.
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  6. Which one came first >:[

    Grey, that's right. Just like people arguing over GIF being pronounced with a soft G or a hard G >:[
  7. If you look at colors, gray is darker than grey. Also, Gandalf the gray. But I don't usually pay attention to how I spell grey. If I do, it's with an 'e'.
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  8. Was about to say the same thing. They're two different colors, so that's how I base my use of them. I think my default for it has always been "gray", though. Why? I favor the letter "A" over the letter "E". :| Only because my name starts with A, haha.
  9. GREY, dammit, if only to carry on spiting the elementary school teachers who told me I was spelling it wrong and marked off my otherwise perfect work. MY DAD TAUGHT ME HOW TO WRITE AND SPELL CORRECTLY, THANKS.
  10. Grey, only the yanks spell it Gray. Spell it right you Bush electing, deep fried mars bar eating, country music listening, artificial breasts Americans.

    Seriously though its Grey, any proper English speaker knows that.
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  11. Grey grey grey grey grey grey
  12. Grey.
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  13. Grey as in England


    Gray as in America

    It's simply based off of where you live, not that its used that way
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  14. It all depends on where you live, no need to get butt-hurt, people.
  15. Oh goodness... it's Grey. Grey.
    Never the ugly version!

    I have always loved it with an 'E'...
    Hey, but I'm from the US...
    Always knew I was special. ;D
  16. Grey. 'Earl Gray' tea doesn't sound as appealing for some reason. xD
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  17. Either one; neither is incorrect; it's like "colour" and "color". Both are right, but one may be more acceptable than the other depending on where you live.
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