"Grey Light : Rise Of Justice!"

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  1. There is a great Sorcerer, who has taken residence in the Forbidden Tower. His greatness in supernatural manipulation of spirits, the powers of nature, necromancy and the other dark arts has elevated him to a position beyond many gods. This sorcerer is called "Grey Cloak". Others dare not to mention his name. The name of Aldred Greystar brings terror and dread to any who hear it. Some even say that to dare mention his name in the wrong place invokes supernatural terrors in the night. He was once an honored, wise and even humble magician that had brought prosperity, happiness and healing to the entire Human race. Whatever has made him turn against his own race, his honor, his countrymen and the sanctity of life is unknown. All we know is that he was once a good man, but now he is a devil.

    Grey Cloak poisoned the good King Clarence V, and murdered the entire royal family. He conjured horrors from the deepest seas, the deepest pits of fire, and forgotten, incomprehensible evils from the stars to terrorize any who were in the way of his plan to dominate both the material world and the spirit world. He has even enslaved gods to betray the mortal races underneath them. Those who do not pray in his realm are diseased, covered in pestilence, go insane, or live under constant bleeding wounds, unable to die. Some of his victims are torn to pieces and left to live a miserable existence with no end to their suffering. Perhaps a head on a pike, disembowled, burned alive, or have their souls imprisoned in nightmares.

    The enemy, Grey Cloak, has expanded his influence over most of the Southern Continent of Adria. The once brilliant, Golden City of Alarefti, is now a haven for all manner of spiritually filthy creatures known as the Forsaken. Grey Cloak has also dominated the entire race of the Drow into his conscription, and they are perfect task masters, assassins, warriors and murderers who strike fear into the hearts of Men. Even worse, Grey Cloak has broken the Dark Seal of the Forbidden Tower, thus gaining access to forbidden magic far beyond the spells of mortal sorcerers, and knowledge that even gods do not possess.

    Grey Cloak's only equal is Scar Mane. The most wicked dragon in the entire world. Scar Mane's magic is great, and his talons are sharp, his wits cruel and his visage most dire. It was Scar Mane who took the Serpent Men as a subservient race for his ally Grey Cloak. It was Scar Mane who devoured an entire Kingdom three thousand years ago as an act of greed and repulsive vanity. Those who resisted Scar Mane's rule were burned alive or torn to pieces. Those who submitted were betrayed, sacrificed, eaten or worse. The Kingdom Of Gareth fell to Scar Mane's brutal assault like sheep to the slaughter.

    On the island of Summer Fall, north of the continent of Adria, the Allied Forces had taken the last vestiges of Grey Cloak's horrors and driven every last demon, orc, and foul creature to their deaths. Some of these allied forces include our heroes, or perhaps more accurately, our protagonists. Wise magicians, great warriors, cunning thieves, resourceful survivalists, unmatched marksman of the bow and arrow, and other champions from around the world conglomerated to defeat Grey Cloak. They would need to lead an assault down south, all the way to the heart of Alarefti, inflitrate the Tower, and finally end the threat of the traitorous Warlock once and for all.

    Character Creatio

    Plot Related Bio: (Reason for opposing Grey Cloak, including motives for bringing him to justice)
    Skills, Abilities, Perks: (Physical, mental qualities that stand out as impressive. Magical powers, Religious powers, Combat abilities such as fencing, martial arts, stealth, charisma, medicine, etcetera. Choose Twelve advantages).