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  1. Reminder: This is a Voice Acting roleplay. Which means that you must record at least one your character's dialogue and attach it to your posts.

    You are talented at whatever you do. You have always been that way; it just came natural to you. And one day, that talent is recognized by the most prestigious academy in the world. Grey Key Academy. They send you a letter that mysteriously ends up opened on your countered with big, bold letters: You have been selected. You may or may not want to go. The people around you may or may not want you to go. But it is the opportunity of a lifetime, and the only direction to go when it comes to Grey Key Academy is up. In a matter of days, you are whisked away to the rural grounds of Germany to probably the largest campus you have ever seen. You are escorted to the Main Hall. As if you haven't already felt so singled out enough, there is another reason why you are in Grey Key.

    The Club. The student leaders of Grey Key. There are many members, all being elite and "top dog" at their specific talent. Each member is a representative of sorts, and each member is hand chosen by the Headmaster. When a representative graduates, a new one is chosen. It's a simple system. And what is the purpose of "The Club"? Well, the purpose of any kind of student council: to set an example, to give motivation, to keep students in check, to host parties and ceremonies, to drive students to become more successful. You have been chosen to become a member of this club because you are the best at what you do.

    In this club, there are, as any council, positions.

    Positions (open)
    The President: Popular by vote among the club members, the President is the student in charge. The President holds more access to the school than any other student. Not only is the President powerful, but the President is well-liked by the majority and must maintain a 4.0 GPA. The President takes the requests of the students and brings them attention to the school board. The President is the main speaker in all club meetings, and must be open to any ideas or concerns. (XxRikaxX- Aveline Gotschalk)

    The Vice President: Second-in-charge, the Vice President must meet the same requirements as the President. The Vice President is a more "undercover" kind of person, and performs mainly physical tasks for the President, such as asking around for public opinions, pulling strings for certain wishes, organizing parties and ceremonies, and even planning meetings. The Vice President must be intelligent and hard-working and must be able to fill in for the President when they are absent. (Quiet Souris- Julian Volkov)

    The Secretary: The Secretary must hold a very good memory and have impeccable organizational skills. They must keep track of the number of meetings, how many minutes each meeting lasts, and conduct themselves with academic integrity and exemplary conduct. The Secretary must be very eloquent and articulate, for they also type proposals of students and keep track of what is said and done throughout the school year. (firejay1- Michael Geier)

    The Treasurer: This position requires someone who is also very organized and good with money. The Treasurer is in charge of the funds for the Club, and must keep accurate records on incomes and expenses. They must report each meeting of money matters, and usually coordinates fundraising projects for the Club if ever needed(though rarely needed). (Quiet Souris- Salvatore Gatto)

    The Reporter: The Reporter must be a very comfortable and talkative person. This position requires someone to be a "people-person" and get all the latest Academy news. The Academy does not have a newspaper, but does have announcements at the beginning of every week. The Reporter has a similar job to the Vice President-- they must go around at the school and see what is going on, and take it forward to every Club meeting. Generally, this position is easy to keep up with and juggle. (Dramma- Benjamin Green)

    The Representatives: Each member of the club is a representative. The President, Vice President, etc.. just have more prominent positions. The members who do not hold defined positions simply represent the students studying and perfecting their talent. The Representatives are the best at what they do. They follow the leaders and have been chosen to be in The Club for their hard work aiming towards their talent. They have strict requirements to remain on top, because if they falter, they'll fall to the bottom and become replaced. Just as any other member in the Club. (1. Liesl Gottschalk
    2. Michelle Geier
    3. Katrina Flowress
    4. Evelyn Rosette
    5. Kastia McCarthy
    6. Cassidy Cane
    7. Trent Astor
    8. Ichigen Souji
    9. Kline Everdune
    10. Sean Dejesus
    11. Jun Rosario

    Life is great, then. You're a member of probably the most Golden Club any student could be a part of. Nothing could go wrong! Until one day, the Reporter comes with news of death. A quiet death that nobody knew about until they brought it forward. No announcements. No mourning time. No funeral. The dead student was peacefully sent home with no explanation. Everything would have gone normally, had the student's death not been so.. violent. And so now, fear plagues the school. To settle that fear, select members of the Club set out on nightly missions to find out why the death occurred and what caused the death. They expect to find something innocent. But really, they find themselves trapped inside of a world difficult to get out of. All they need to do is find a way out; the key.

    So! That is the basic synopsis. It's a psychological, slice-of-life, mystery roleplay with some dabble in the supernatural just for the preferences of certain awesome people. c:

    As for reserving student council positions, yes, you may reserve open spots. However, if two people want the same spot, I will choose who will get it judging by their character.

    Annnd, without further ado, here are the character sheets! I look forward to see some amazing characters! c:

    The Skelly (open)
    Appearance(Anime, please)
    Name(First and Last)

    Personality(5 Words to Describe)
    Brief Background

    Position in the Club
    Roommate(if none, say "undetermined")

    Roommates List (open)
    Room 1: Aveline Gottschalk and Tonasha Volkov

    Room 2: Katrina Flowress and Michelle Geier

    Room 3: Kastia McCarthy and Cassidy Cane

    Room 4: Liesl Gottschalk and Evelyn Rosette


    Room 1: Julian Volkov and Benjamin Green

    Room 2: Michael Geier and Trent Astor

    Room 3: Salvatore Gatto and Ichigen Souji

    Room 4: Kline Everdune and Jun Rosario

    Rika's Characters (open)
    "It doesn't really matter how slow ya go, as long as ya don't stop!"
    Aveline Gottschalk


    Aveline Gottschalk was raised in a wealthy household in France, though her parents were naturalized citizens from America. She acquired her impeccable fashion sense from her mother, who only bought the most expensive, beautiful clothes in Paris. Her father owns a watch company, and therefore, she has always lived an indulgent, wealthy life. Aveline is very flashy, and expects many to gasp in awe at her presence whenever she makes an entrance. Despite these vain flaws, Aveline has known to be very nice and open-minded, and surprisingly has a lot of close friends. She also adores her younger, distant cousin, Liesl Gottschalk, and does not hesitate to show favoritism.

    The President
    Tonasha Volkov

    "I have hated words, and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right."
    Liesl Gottschalk


    Liesl was raised in a rural village in the Western area of Austria. She tends to have a slight, Austrian accent when she speaks, but she does well to cover it. She had an older sister that graduated from the school years ago, so much is expected of Liesl, and she tends to exceed all high reputations. She makes impeccable grades, and performs very well in her talent. She is popular among her grade, and can generally fit in to any group, but she doesn't have very many friends.

    Contemporary, Jazz, and Acrobatic Dance
    Evelyn Rosette

    As a side note

    How To Do The Voice Acting Thingy (open)
    1. Go to the
    2. Click "Record"
    3. Click "Allow"
    4. Record your dialogue
    5. Press "Stop Recording" when you are done recording.
    6. If you are satisfied with your recording, scroll down and you'll see the words "Happy with this recording? Click to save > >" Click that.
    7. You'll see "Sharing Options" and a link below it. Copy the link and paste it onto your post, preferably in a manner where your character's words are there, but if you click on the words, it takes you to the voice of your character that you recorded. If you don't know how to do this, just ask. ^^

    ^^ For example!

    "Test, test, test, test, teeest!" <--- (Click on it)

    Thank you! <3​
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  2. Ooooh, awesome! Give me a few minutes and I shall get a CS up!
  3. [​IMG]

    Bisexual/Men are more his thing.
    Religion:Never really put much thought into it. Undetermined for now.

    (Caring underneath it all, though he pretends he doesn't)

    Having grown up all across the world, Julian was and still is, a Russian at heart. He was born in Omsk, to a small family consisting of his mother Tanya, father Afon and older brother Mikael, as well as a twin sister,Tonasha. He was the youngest child and one would have assumed that he would be spoiled and loved- though it was not so. His family lavished attention on his older brother, who was successful and charismatic to the eyes of all, the complete opposite of Julian. Julian was always quiet, smarter than many around him and often made sure that they knew that, repeatedly. So, he left the family home with nothing more than his letter to Grey Key Academy to indicate where he had gone- he wonders if they still know if he is missing or not. He assumes they don't care. He still has an accent, a mix of different places he has lived in over time -Australia, England, Russia, Japan- all sorts of places but mainly sticks with a mix of Australian and Russian, much more comfortable for him. He performs fairly well in his scholastic studies, and his talent in physical movement just keeps increasing.

    Vice-President but Representative otherwise.
    Dancing and most forms of movement. Tai chi, Capoeira and even just different forms of movement. He really enjoys moving as a way of expression.
    Roommate: None so far but... always looking for a buddy?


    Other: He is about 5'4", fairly short but he can whip anyone's ass if needs be. He weighs about 53 kg, a little underweight but it's just his physique.
    He tends to wear dark colours, skinny jeans and tight turtlenecks, as well as whatever suits him at that moment.

    Just me testing out the program.. :3
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  4. [​IMG]

    Benjamin Green

    Helpful | Passionate | Organized | Determined | Kind |
    "Mom I don't want to go to dance class! It's for gays that's what people at school say to me!"
    Benjamin or better known as Benji, has been battling his mother about Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Tap classes since he was 4 and she made him take dance classes, although he took four he always exceeded in Ballet and in his small town of York, Pennsylvania it was seen as strange for his mother to push him. Although in her reasoning it was what she loved to do and she wanted her son to follow through with it. His father well he didn't care neither about his ballet nor him, leaving the house when Benji was 3. Ben had gotten good grades always in the advanced classes, going home to study then off to dance classes, although on weekends he would hang out with friends and continue to be a "perfect" kid. Didn't drink, smoke, do drugs, and was passionate for something. His friends would always come to her performances and he lead a Dance team in his middle school. Soon enough when he was 13 he was far more open to his love for dance, knowing he exceeded he applied for Grey Key Academy, being accepted he started to shine above the rest and now he was in Grey Key Club.

    Position in the Club|
    The Reporter
    Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap. (Dancing)
    Julian Volkou​
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  5. ^^ Ah, my, my, what lovely CSs. As for who I will decide to be Vice President, I think I choose Quiet Souris. NOT because one is better than the other. Your boys are both equally adorable and will contribute greatly to the plot! <3 It's not a competition of who is better. ^^ I just think Souris' character will balance with the President, because she's kind of a hot mess and Souris' character might calm her down a bit and what not. Thank you so much, Dramma, for sticking with us though! cx Your character's a real cutie pie, and gives me this memory of dancing with my little brother in the front yard! <3 I hope you stick with us!

    Thank you!
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  6. :3 Thankies! I really like your character though @Dramma , lots of effort and hard-work there! :3
  7. Yeah, I'm definitely gonna stick with you guys! Would you mind if I go for The Reporter then?

    I must say I love the end of your test Quiet
    "Am I gonna be able to voice act a guy that thought just occurred to me"
    I was sorta dying laughing, I don't know I'm strange!
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  8. Hehehe it's all good! My voice is kinda... weird I think, not quite male and not quite female at times. Plus my random ass mixed accent being annoying.
    It's fine, I make people laugh randomly all the time XD​
  9. ^^ Oh, sure! <3 I'll write ya down.

    XD And yes, that was funny.
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  10. Okay I updated my CS with a little snip-it of my voice. It's really bad cause I'm trying to whisper since people are home and I don't wanna bother them, and I have a cold so my voice is all over .-. I tried to do a younger kids voice there though my actual voice is deeper and so will Benji's for the RP yeah.​
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  11. OMG YOU HAVE SUCH A CUTE VOICE. cx <3 No, your voice is just fine, hon! Both of your voices are lovely!
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  12. Hehe, awesome voice!​
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  13. Awww, shucks. Your voice is amazing as well!

    Also... how many characters are we allowed to have?
  14. [​IMG]
    Name: Michelle Geier
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Religion: Christian
    "Don't you remember what you told me when I was about to leave? "The world breaks everyone, but afterwards, many are strong in the broken places." - Ernest Hemingway."
    - Cocky
    - Proud
    - Assertive
    - Down-to-earth
    - Quiet
    Brief Background: They grew up in a fairly well-to-do family, but mostly left alone by their constantly busy parents. We've all seen this before. Their parents paid for them to have lessons in martial arts and in the use of firearms (yes, children can learn to use firearms, i've looked it up). Michelle instantly showed great skill at it, though Michael never had the physical capabilities or stamina to be able to pull it off. Their parents didn't realize for a long time that Michelle was proving herself to be a skilled marksman beyond what anyone could imagine. When they found out, they tried to separate the twins, seeing Michael as inferior to her. They wanted to send her around the world, but Michael was pretty much her only family, and she didn't make close friends easily. She didn't want to go, and was ready to rebel against her parents enough to cut the tendons in one of her hands, but Michael stopped her, and made her promise that they'd always be close, no matter what.
    Position in the Club: Representative
    Talent: Fighting skills (she's good at martial arts, but her real specialty is shooting double pistols with extreme accuracy)
    Roommate: Undetermined

    download (6).jpg
    Name: Michael Geier
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Religion: Christian
    "Sorry babe, I work in vectors, not dollar signs."
    - Cocky
    - Proud
    - Devious
    - Abstract Thinker
    - Quiet
    Brief Background: They grew up in a fairly well-to-do family, but mostly left alone by their constantly busy parents. We've all seen this before. Their parents paid for them to have lessons in martial arts and in the use of firearms (yes, children can learn to use firearms, i've looked it up). Michelle instantly showed great skill at it, though Michael never had the physical capabilities or stamina to be able to pull it off. Their parents always thought Michael was a little slow in the head and not great physically, but while the second was true, they never found out about his ability. He used to team up with Michelle, calling out statistics to her when she was ready to shoot. Their parents never really thought about his nonsensical yellings, but apparently some people realized the extent of his calculative skills. He encouraged Michelle to go abroad, because he wanted her to be able to use her ability without his help. When they both got accepted to and sent to Grey Key, he was delighted to see her again.
    Position in the Club: Secretary
    Talent: Mathematical skills (he's a vector genius, instantly able to see and calculate any vector)
    Roommate: Undertermined

    More about them: They both like to use endearments with people they don't even know that well, and while they're both quiet, they have a smooth way of talking to people (I've never done characters like this before and I'm not sure if I'll end up voice acting for both of them, since they are supposed to have similar voices, but we'll see...) They are both devout Christians, and have a heart for other people, but they don't show affection well, and have a hard time with easy trust. Neither are homophobic. They each have a matching earring, to symbolize the promise never to grow apart from each other.
    Earring Designs and Colors (open)

    Her color (left ear):
    His color (right ear):
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  15. ^^ Ah, lovely characters! <3

    (Btw, since everyone else was doing it, I added a snippet of my character's dialogue in my skellies. ._. I felt, like, not one of the cool kids.)

    EDIT: Two characters max please! c:
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  16. I literally have this song memorized. I love this song. *-* *sways*
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  17. Rika your voice is so cute!!
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  18. ;w; D-D'aw, thank you!

    I'm like the cool kids now.
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  19. [​IMG]
    Bisexual/anything goes.
    Undetermined, most likely Shinto.


    (Same as her twin brother's)

    "But Julian- you promised to teach me the words...Pretty please?"
    Having grown up all across the world, Tonasha was and still is, a Russian at heart. Tonasha was born in Omsk, to a small family consisting of her mother Tanya, father Afon and older brother Mikael, as well as a twin brother, Julian. She was the second oldest child by 5 minutes and one would have assumed that they would be spoiled and loved- though it was not so. Their family lavished attention on their older brother, who was successful and charismatic to the eyes of all, the complete opposite of Julian and Tonasha. Tonasha and Julian were always quiet, smarter than many around them and often made sure that they knew that, repeatedly. So, they both left the family home with nothing more than a letter to Grey Key Academy to indicate where they had gone- she wonders if they still know if they are missing or not. She assumes they don't care. Tonasha still has an accent, a mix of different places she has lived in over time -Australia, England, Russia, Japan- all sorts of places but mainly sticks with a mix of Australian and Japanese, much more comfortable for her. Tonasha performs fairly well in her studies, her talent of languages and eidetic memory just keeps on growing and expanding.

    Learning languages, eidetic memory/photographic memory.
    Undetermined for now. Anyone wanna bunk with me?
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