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  1. Reminder: This is a Voice Acting roleplay. Which means that you must record at least one your character's dialogue and attach it to your posts.

    You are talented at whatever you do. You have always been that way; it just came natural to you. And one day, that talent is recognized by the most prestigious academy in the world. Grey Key Academy. They send you a letter that mysteriously ends up opened on your countered with big, bold letters: You have been selected. You may or may not want to go. The people around you may or may not want you to go. But it is the opportunity of a lifetime, and the only direction to go when it comes to Grey Key Academy is up. In a matter of days, you are whisked away to the rural grounds of Germany to probably the largest campus you have ever seen. You are escorted to the Main Hall. As if you haven't already felt so singled out enough, there is another reason why you are in Grey Key.

    The Club. The student leaders of Grey Key. There are many members, all being elite and "top dog" at their specific talent. Each member is a representative of sorts, and each member is hand chosen by the Headmaster. When a representative graduates, a new one is chosen. It's a simple system. And what is the purpose of "The Club"? Well, the purpose of any kind of student council: to set an example, to give motivation, to keep students in check, to host parties and ceremonies, to drive students to become more successful. You have been chosen to become a member of this club because you are the best at what you do.

    In this club, there are, as any council, positions.

    Positions (open)
    The President: Popular by vote among the club members, the President is the student in charge. The President holds more access to the school than any other student. Not only is the President powerful, but the President is well-liked by the majority and must maintain a 4.0 GPA. The President takes the requests of the students and brings them attention to the school board. The President is the main speaker in all club meetings, and must be open to any ideas or concerns. (Position Reserved by XxRikaxX)

    The Vice President: Second-in-charge, the Vice President must meet the same requirements as the President. The Vice President is a more "undercover" kind of person, and performs mainly physical tasks for the President, such as asking around for public opinions, pulling strings for certain wishes, organizing parties and ceremonies, and even planning meetings. The Vice President must be intelligent and hard-working and must be able to fill in for the President when they are absent. (Dramma)

    The Secretary: The Secretary must hold a very good memory and have impeccable organizational skills. They must keep track of the number of meetings, how many minutes each meeting lasts, and conduct themselves with academic integrity and exemplary conduct. The Secretary must be very eloquent and articulate, for they also type proposals of students and keep track of what is said and done throughout the school year. (firejay1)

    The Treasurer: This position requires someone who is also very organized and good with money. The Treasurer is in charge of the funds for the Club, and must keep accurate records on incomes and expenses. They must report each meeting of money matters, and usually coordinates fundraising projects for the Club if ever needed(though rarely needed). (Seklin)

    The Reporter: The Reporter must be a very comfortable and talkative person. This position requires someone to be a "people-person" and get all the latest Academy news. The Academy does not have a newspaper, but does have announcements at the beginning of every week. The Reporter has a similar job to the Vice President-- they must go around at the school and see what is going on, and take it forward to every Club meeting. Generally, this position is easy to keep up with and juggle. (Open)

    The Representatives: Each member of the club is a representative. The President, Vice President, etc.. just have more prominent positions. The members who do not hold defined positions simply represent the students studying and perfecting their talent. The Representatives are the best at what they do. They follow the leaders and have been chosen to be in The Club for their hard work aiming towards their talent. They have strict requirements to remain on top, because if they falter, they'll fall to the bottom and become replaced. Just as any other member in the Club. (Open)

    Life is great, then. You're a member of probably the most Golden Club any student could be a part of. Nothing could go wrong! Until one day, the Reporter comes with news of death. A quiet death that nobody knew about until they brought it forward. No announcements. No mourning time. No funeral. The dead student was peacefully sent home with no explanation. Everything would have gone normally, had the student's death not been so.. violent. And so now, fear plagues the school. To settle that fear, select members of the Club set out on nightly missions to find out why the death occurred and what caused the death. They expect to find something innocent. But really, they find themselves trapped inside of a world difficult to get out of. All they need to do is find a way out; the key.

    So! That is the basic synopsis. It's a psychological, slice-of-life, mystery roleplay with some dabble in the supernatural just for the preferences of certain awesome people. c:

    As for reserving student council positions, yes, you may reserve open spots. However, if two people want the same spot, I will choose who will get it judging by their character.

    Anyway, show interest and what not! c: <3
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  2. Can I reserve Vice President please! =) Yeah I'm really interested I'm gonna make a small character skeleton of what my character is gonna be like hopefully
  3. I like it! I'll be sure to make a banner, and I'd like to know if you can make more than one character, just out of curiosity. I'm not sure if I'd create two characters, but just in case. I may also be interested in the secretary position.
  4. c: Okay! I'll write you down for it. Wait until I make the OOC so I can see your character, ah'kay? :3

    And oh my, yay~ Banner! Alright, I'll write you down as well! And yes, the minimum is two characters! <3 You don't have to voice act for both, though, only one! :3
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  5. I could take the treasurer xD Lol
  6. c: Okay! Keep in mind, if there's a position you truly want and someone has already reserved it, you can reserve it too and I'll judge if you can have it or not depending on your CS qualification.
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  7. The banner is UP!

  8. Bumpity Bump Bump this Roleplay is so awesome I wanna play come onnn talk about your interest peeps <3
  9. I'm really interested, just a question, how do you do that? I've got a mic on my headphones... But, I'd be interested!
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  10. OH yeah.... now that I think about it, there's no way to directly upload voice files, here. What should we do? @XxRikaxX
  11. Oh my gosh! I need to watch this thread. o_o Haha, well, there's this website called! You:

    1. Go to the Website
    2. Click "Record"
    3. Click "Allow"
    4. Record your dialogue
    5. Press "Stop Recording" when you are done recording.
    6. If you are satisfied with your recording, scroll down and you'll see the words "Happy with this recording? Click to save > >" Click that.
    7. You'll see "Sharing Options" and a link below it. Copy the link and paste it onto your post, preferably in a manner where your character's words are there, but if you click on the words, it takes you to the voice of your character that you recorded. If you don't know how to do this, just ask. ^^

    ^^ For example!

    "Test, test, test, test, teeest!" <--- (Click on it)
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  12. <--a possibility of joining the RP! though a 30% chances only... oh well~
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  13. Great! When can I start, xD I seriously like the idea.
  14. ^^ Glad to have at least some of your interest~

    c: Glad you like the idea too! When we get one more member, I'll make the OOC~
  15. Kay, can't wait till then! :D
  16. I love this! Is it still open?

    . I might also,,, reserve a representative...:)?
  17. It hasn't even started yet! We don't even have a Character Skelly available. You are the last person we needed before Rika would put up a thread! :D I SO EXCITED.
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  18. Oh, yay!!!!

    Sorry... Headache brain missed the forum it was in entirely... XD

    Also, may I also try and reserve the Vice President... You said above that more than one can apply and you will judge...
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