Grey Key Academy (Voice Acting?)

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Slice-of-Life Human or Half-Demon Roleplay?

  1. Slice-of-Life Human

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  2. Half-Demon

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  1. Hello, everyone! c: I'm Rika. *shakes hand*

    So, as stated in the title, I want try something different. Ba-da-da-DAH! Voice acting! Basically, it's recording your character's dialogue and pinning it to your post. I'll give examples if this catches someone's interest, of course!

    As for the actual plot, I'm heavily relying on a majority vote. I have two plans:

    A. Slice-of-Life Gifted Human Academy
    You have been selected to attend a prestigious academy across the country. Whatever your talent is, whether it involve the arts, the sciences, physical activity, you were chosen. You have a roommate, a class schedule, and a peer group around you. Will you make friends? Enemies? Will the memories be good or bad? Well.. that depends on you.

    B. Half-Demon Academy
    Your mother or father was a demon. And you were born a half-demon. Ever since your birth, life has been very rewarding, or very unfortunate. Things would happen to you and you would have no explanation for them. One day, you receive a letter stating that is mandatory to report to an Academy. Maybe you shrug it off as a joke. Maybe you take it seriously. In a matter of days, you are whisked away by a tall, dark stranger and taken to said Academy. The stranger explains that you were born half demon. Which might explain the strange occurrences and lack of one parent. You either take it well, or don't. It doesn't matter. You are confined to the Academy. You have a roommate, classes, and.. something mysterious. Teachers sneaking around. Certain students being taken away and never seen again. Drama. But you'll get through it, you tell yourself. You hope.

    SO! There are those two. c: The Half-Demon Roleplay might require more work and time than the Slice-of-Life Human one. But I aim to please! So, if this catches anyone's interest, vote, vote, vote!
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  2. This sound really awesome! :D I vote for the Half Demon Academy!
  3. cx Ook, okay! Yay, we've got one~
  4. Yes one and with one others shall follow xD I'm sure plenty of people will love your ideas, don't worry :D

  5. I really love this idea of voice acting and stuff I love your idea of "Slice-of-Life Gifted Human Academy" I would love to do this although I do have a tad bit of a speech impediment (I cannot pronounce my R's) You can understand me still so maybe It'd be alright but if you start this up let me know :)​
  6. @Seklin: Aw, you flatter me! Thank you, dear! cx

    @Dramma: Something as minor as a speech impediment wouldn't bother me at all. c: I never liked those stinkin' "R"s anyway! But thank you for your interest, yes, we now have two I believe. :3
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  7. You're welcome x3 and yes two! xD Lol
  8. Hmm I might be interested!
  9. Kya, okay! cx Yay!
  10. I think this idea is great! And have been looking for something like this, though I think I might be embarrassed to record dialogue in public. Haha. I vote Half-demon, btw!
  11. ^_^ Aw, thank you! Okay, we have four people, I think. c: Coolio! I'll wait until tomorrow and see what the votes are~
  12. I'm actually super excited for this! I just got into voice acting and it's super fun! Aside from the thousand times you mess up the line and have to repeat it xD Well even that is fun lol
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  13. cx Oh? Gosh, well, we'll have fun together for sure! And yes, I hate it when that happens. ;w; But it's good practice!
  14. Where have you voice acted before? Professionally or just on your own time? *curious.
  15. @firejay1 OH! Just saying I have a Behind The Voice Actors account. Basically people on there post auditions for like fandubs, audio book/novels, songs, videos games, etc. I just do it on my own free time, I actually started like...A week ago actually so yeah newbie but I hope to become a professional voice actor someday. Trust me I was embarrassed when I first started cause I have a "low" voice, I don't sound like a man or anything but you get the idea. But it's actually really fun and I can pitch my voice (Or use Sony Vegas to pitch it) and attempt to do a fake British accent (Which is an epic fail LOL) The whole point of voice acting is just to have fun and kind of explore what you can do xD

    @XxRikaxX Oh God yeah, I either curse or laugh when I miss up a sentence and sometimes if I don't feel like stopping and recording the whole thing again I just continue until I get it right. Which makes other people laugh and myself laugh xD It's like "How many times did she say it until she got it right?" xD
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  16. Mm, just on my own time. .w. My friend and I were planning to Fandub an anime series, but we've never gotten around to it. I'm no professional. ^^' What about you?! Have you voice acted before? c:
  17. I've never voice acted before, no idea how it works, but it sounds like a lot of fun! Sometimes I find myself practicing my character's lines out loud just as I'm thinking them and I have occasionally creeped myself out (ever tried saying "I really hate people like you" in Japanese in a false, cheery, high-pitched voice? It is VERY creepy), but anything longer than the occasional sentence and the emotion that's supposed to go into it kind of falls apart. So I don't think I could ever do it professionally. I have a fairly high-pitched and very girly voice, which is okay because I am a girl, but I think that means I'd have to keep any characters in this female. Some of my friends have declared my voice as... anime-esque, but again, I don't think I could ever do it professionally.
  18. @Seklin: So true, though! cx

    @firejay1: Oh, I see! c: Huh! Do you have a flexible voice? Can you switch from super serious emotionless anime girl to cheery, happy anime girl? I admire people who can do that! >3<; I totally do the same thing, practicing my character's lines. >w< You're not alone there at least!
  19. I think so. I've tried before and I can switch easily enough. It's when you get to those... ambiguous lines. Where you're supposed to be a touch emotional, but not overt about it. Totally can't seem to do it, though I've only tried it a couple times before so I can't say for certain...
  20. Oh, I see! c: Well, I suppose we can test it out and what not when roleplaying~ ^^ Hee hee!
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