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  1. Aveline Gottschalk

    Last year, Aveline received a letter imprinted in gold italics, sealed with a wax emblem shaped like a key. When she opened it, an immediate gasp was drawn from her lips. And then, she read it over and over, doubt and denial kicking in the stopped screws of her brain. Congratulations, Aveline Gottschalk, you were voted President. She couldn't believe it. She remembered rushing to her old roommate's bedside and exclaiming her new position in The Club and bouncing all around the room, all around. It took hours for her to calm down. And another year for the shock to burn away into bubbly enthusiasm. Aveline was ready to accept the responsibilities of becoming Club President, especially over all of the talented children at the Academy. A lot of them were smart. Probably smarter than her. Most likely. So, the night before their first meeting, Aveline could barely sleep. She laid on her own bed and stared up at the decorations on her own wall. On the other side of the room was Tonasha Volkov, her to-be Vice President's older twin sister. Or at least, that was what Aveline was told. She had never met her council personally, but she very much was eager to. The only people she knew at the school were her roommate, to which she gave a sleepy introduction to after she arrived last night, and Liesl, her sweet, little cousin who was also chosen to be a Representative in the club. And that was all.

    Normally, one would have broken at such pressure, but Aveline held her head up high and awoke early that morning. She put on grey sweat pants, a tanktop, and rushed around in the gathering cold of November. She usually ran for an hour, but this time, Aveline made it a point to run for only 30 minutes, and hastily rush back to her room for a shower. They did not start classes until Wednesday, and it was only Monday. Monday and Tuesday were the days new students could settle in a bit, find their clique. In Aveline's case, everyone had to be her clique. After showering, Aveline sat on her dresser chair and brushed long, gold strands of straight hair that riveted dead down her spine. She didn't know if her roommate was awake yet. She was so occupied with her hair, but she made it a point to stare into the mirror and smile. "I hope you're up! I was gonna turn on the hair dryer. Er, I'm Aveline. And I think you're, um, Tonasha? Nice to meet you officially! And good morning!"

    Liesl Gottschalk

    Unlike her cousin, Liesl had arrived many, many days earlier. She had already settled in, and became quite familiar with the setting of Grey Key. She hadn't made any "friends", really, but she had become acquainted already with some new kids who had trouble navigating their way around. They would stop her in the hall or show up at the wrong room or even interrupt her dance practice for help. She didn't mind helping. Not that much. However, Liesl made it a point to avoid Aveline Gottschalk whenever the girl did arrive. Her voice annoyed her. And her bubbly attitude. That was kind of annoying too. As for her roommate, Liesl wasn't very sure of what to think of her. When the girl, Evelyn Rosette, arrived, Liesl was already asleep. Liesl always fell asleep at about 7 in the evening and usually woke up around 6 in the morning for dance practice. The dance rooms were so very nice, too, nicer than she had ever seen before. It was as if the whole Academy was a palace to accommodate the Kings and Queens of different talents. That morning, however, she did not stir in her sleep to get up for dance. She woke up at 7 and started brushing her long, grey hair. It was close to blond, but whenever she looked in the mirror, she liked to think of it as grey. It resembled all she had seen-- how old she felt she was.

    Liesl was already dressed, and she sat on her bed, still combing the night knots from her hair. She wasn't really sure if her roommate was awake, but it seemed the girl was apart of the Club. Liesl was somewhat dreading the prospect of having her own cousin as president, but at least then she wouldn't be clueless as to how to socialize with people. As usual, Aveline would drag her into her world and Liesl wouldn't be able to escape no matter how hard she tried. A listless sigh escaped her lips, and she stood, and she adjusted the lace on her boots, as well as the grey sweater Aveline had mailed her years ago. Sadly, it still fit her. The petite girl walked over to the table in their small dorm, and sipped her coffee, waiting for 9'o clock to come for their Club Meeting. In past years, her sister had told her it was downstairs in Room 320. But because of renovations, Grey Key had moved it upstairs, the top room, so there would be a lot of stair climbing. Times like these, Liesl was thankful she was athletically superior.​
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  2. Benji Green

    Ben had woken up at 5:00 AM, his usual time fixing his mess of blonde hair he got into his ballet outfit and headed to the studio. He was passionate about dancing and he loved it so you usually could always find him there. Eating an apple on the way, he made it to the studio and practiced finally working up a sweat after he did some modern, and ballet. Benji realized it was 7:00, instead of going back and taking a shower as he usually did, he decided to dance because all that was going to happen today was his Grey Key meeting, not for another two hours. He finished his dance to Lonely by Christina Perri and made his way out back to the room, showering. As he got you he spoke to Julian.
    "Hey you up? I'm just making sure you don't wanna be late to Grey Key."
    Sean got dressed into a pair of tan jeans, a white shirt with an X on it, and his sweatshirt which was inspired off of mexican type themes / patterns. Finally pulling on his boots and lacing them up he was finished getting dressed and laid on his bed going over his dance routine to see if there was anyway he could make it better.

    Kastia Rose

    Kastia woke up, it was 6:45.
    "You've got to be kidding me, I thought I had more time to sleep"
    Kastia said as she rubbed her eyes and stretched looking at her designs on the wall by her bed, she had already put up a ton of clothing designs when she arrived what she usually did by whatever bed she was in because when she woke up is when she usually came up with the best ideas for her clothes. Thinking of nothing Kastia went right to the closet, today is the Grey Key meeting! I can't wait she thought to herself. She really made it into Grey Key Academy let alone making it into The Grey Key club! In her closet she looked at the clothes quickly coming to 3 outfits she could wear.
    Blue floral ruffled tank top, with a golden necklace and black jean shorts...
    Outfit Numbero 1 (open)

    She could go laid back and choose to wear a white shirt, washed out jean shorts, and a tan cardigan.
    Outfit Numbero 2 (open)

    Or Kastia could go girly, and choose her own floral dress she made, with a white belt, and a jean jacket she made.
    Outfit Numbero 3 (open)

    Finally Kastia picked her third outfit wanting to showcase what she could do to the group. She felt like most would put off her talent because it was so hard to get a job doing so in the real world, and maybe impress a guy or two. Kastia giggled as she put her brown hair into a waterfall braid and did her makeup.​
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  3. Katrina Flowress, purple Katrina awoke early the next morning, having only known that her roommate's name was Michelle. She wasn't exactly ready for such a big change in life, but Katrina knew that, in her heart, this was right. So, after a whole lot of texting and phone calls, it was 7:00 p.m. She decided it was time to get dressed, and to know her roommate a little more. But, before she could do that, she wanted to get dressed.
    Outfit (open)

    After that, it was time to know her roommate, Michelle, was it? "So, hey there. I, er, just thought we could get to know each other some more?" she asked, hoping she didn't sound like a complete weirdo.

    Evelyn Rosette, magenta Evelyn had arose the next morning, and felt as happy as a sunflower in the sun. She skipped around the campus, trying to get to know everyone more. She failed, only getting to know some of the teachers. She decided to spend the rest of her day looking at photos and information on flowers, for she felt up in the clouds today. When the clock flashed, '7:00', she dashed to pick what she'd wear. 'Oh, the choices!' she thought to herself, looking at her stuffed closet. Finally, she set her heart on one outfit.
    Outfit (open)

    She loathed how dark the tights were, but she still wore it anyways. Who doesn't want to make it in with a bang? Before she went into the bathroom to spend the next two hours, she informed her roommate, "Hey, I, uh, I hope you don't mind me takin' the bathroom for the next... couple of hours?" before opening up the oak wood door leading to her desired destination.

    Kline Everdune, aqua Kline had arrived a week before school started, getting comfy in his new dorm, taking new risks. When he realized that he wasn't paired with another daredevil, he threw a fit, telling his dad that he had picked the worst chocolate of the box. He spent the week and the rest of the time getting used to the area, settling in, and showing Snoball how awesome this new adventure would be. He had decided to wear something a little intimidating to the meeting, he didn't want to seem soft and cuddly.
    Outfit (open)

    Going into his own little space, he whispered to Snoball, "Okay, girl. I hope you're alright staying here by yourself for a little while.".
  4. Michelle wasn't a big morning person. She'd flown in from England, where she'd been studying abroad, last night, and hadn't gotten any sleep. The bags under her eyes probably screamed exhaustion, but as she looked up from her desk, where she'd spent all night reading something intensely boring to help her fall asleep, she smiled with easy confidence. "Well hello there. I'm Michelle, Michelle Geier. Here because I could shoot you point blank from a very long way away, but don't worry, I leave that for the bad guys. What's your name, sweetie?"

  5. Salvatore was up early that morning, being a Monday and though the clear sky was a dull grey before dawn, he knew it would soon light up in the vivid colours of the modern aurora, a timeless and ageless beauty that would always exist. That was what the sky meant to him that morning, the arching clouds that framed the dawn and windswept cirrus clouds that lay like rippling sand across the slowly brightening sky. He had a few shots already, the dark and light focus beautiful, a sublimation of the true glory of the morning and these would be definitely be part of his portfolio. He did this every morning, stood on the highest place he could find watched the pure beauty of the dawn, watching the lens of his camera and waiting to show the world the beauty he saw. And he found it, the vivid shades highlighted like soft waves upon the endless ocean of the open sky.

    He liked it here, in this place and it suited him well here. Not too much attention, just others who avoided him for cynical nature and sarcasm. It was a good thing, to be honest. He didn't want to deal with others, not at all. It was approaching 9 o'clock now, the time for the meeting- his first meeting in his new position as Treasurer. He wasn't sure why he had the position, really. He supposed his extreme memory talent was something that had indicated his usefulness. And the position suited him well enough, a quiet and simple position that required very little attention on him. He headed back to his room and quickly changed, noting his new roommate's apparent absence but he hadn't met the other male yet. He changed and then hung around, waiting until roommate returned to the land of the awake.

    "Good morning. I'm Salvatore Gatto, nice to meet you. If you sleep any longer, we are gonna be late."He smiled, though it did not reach his eyes and took a seat at their dorm table, sipping at his water bottle.
    OUTFIT (open)


    Julian groaned as he stretched his legs, wincing at the pull on his hamstring and leant a little more into the stretch with slightly less pain, which suited him just fine. His leg had been injured in his last spar and he'd been trying to work out the kinks before the start of school, something he was glad to say was almost done. He lifted his leg off the barre and moved his leg through a few gentle movements when his leg moved freely and with no pain, though a little strain. He began to work through just a few simple capoeira forms, his grin just growing with the painless movement. He danced and practiced for a while longer, before he spotted the time and huffed in annoyance. Almost time for the first club meeting- his first as Vice President and he was understandably nervous, though he kept it all packed under a cool mask. It wouldn't do to be nervous and flustered at a first meeting, would it?

    He had made his way down to his room after showering, before collapsing with a sigh on the bed and napping for a little while to calm his nerves. He groaned as the other spoke and grinned slightly as he turned over. "Yeah, I just had a nap. I got up early to stretch out and try to fix this stupid strain of mine." He got to his feet and moved to the bathroom, grabbing his clothes and changing quickly into a comfortable pair of jeans and an equally comfortable coat, wrapping it around him and stepped out with a grin towards Ben. "I'm heading off, you coming? I don't want to be late, I'm the Vice President after all."

    OUTFIT (open)



    Tonasha was wide awake, as she had been for a long time before the other girl began moving around. She was practicing, as she always did, the words she wanted to know. Today, it was French. She only started learning it the day before but so far, she found it very easy. She'd learnt so many similar languages by now that conjugating and diversifying her repertoire was like a second nature to him, a strange feeling but always good to know. As the other spoke to her, she sat up and though, she didn't mean to, began to respond in the language her mind was running in and she blushed once she had realised what she was saying.

    "Bonjour! Est-ce que tu as bien dormi?- Ah, sorry. French on the brain today. Thanks for waking me up and it's very nice to meet you, Aveline." She quickly got up and grabbed a few items of clothing from her wardrobe, shooting a quick grin to the other girl and dashing to the bathroom, quickly washing her face and pulling on her favourite outfit, wanting to be comfortable during her first Grey Key meeting. She exited the bathroom and grinned as she watched the other brushing her, if too long for her, beautiful blonde hair and sighed. "You have very nice hair, you know. It must be hard to maintain~"

    (EH, such a time consuming post~~~

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  6. Cassidy Cane had not gone to sleep at all. Well...She had in a sense. She was going through a bit of an unoriginal dry spell where she couldn't think of any comic book characters that weren't based off of other people. And so she had decided to use burst of inspiration to well, inspire her. Except, Cassidy only really got inspired in the middle of the night and for her waking up in the middle of a deep sleep was quite rare. So, before she had gone to bed that night she had set her alarm to go off in two hours. She'd set it to vibrate of course so as to not disturb her roommate.

    The comic artist had arisen four times during the course of the night and jotted down a few notes in the notepad beside her, before going to sleep and ignoring her last alarm. In hindsight, she should have realized that interrupting her REM cycle so many times would result in her being dead tired, but she hadn't been thinking about the consequences, only the art.


    Despite her moaning and groaning, Cassidy managed to drag herself out of bed and get ready for the day. She briefly wondered if she could get by with calling in sick and just sleeping till the next day, but then she remembered that the Grey Key meeting was today, and that gave her a burst of energy, well that and the fact that she didn't want to look like a complete garbage can in front of her roommate who she had just noticed was still in the room.

    "Oh, uh, good morning. I think I came in awhile after you last night. I'm Cassidy Cane." She said over her shoulder as she entered the bathroom to wash up. She had showered the night before, just in case she woke up late.

    Digging into her bag, Cassidy pulled out her outfits of the week bag. The girl wasn't very appearance oriented and very unwilling to iron or spend long amounts of time on deciding what to wear, so she had just shoved some outfits into a bag and whichever one spilled out first was the one she'd wear.

    Show Spoiler

    "So what's your thing? Like your talent or whatever?" She asked her roomie as she tugged on the shirt and shorts.

    * * *

    Trent was up before his alarm, he had woken up two hours early in fact. He just could not wait for the meeting! Oh he was so excited! Why did time have to move so slowly? He wanted to go to the meeting now and meet everyone immediately! Ugh! What was he supposed to do when something so important was about to come to pass? He had already taken his shower, brushed his teeth, combed his hair--well something like that--, and gotten dressed. And then undressed because a t-shirt and jeans were just too casual. So then he'd put on a suit, but that was way too formal, he would make people uncomfortable. He must have gotten dressed and undressed about a hundred times before he finally settled on a black shirt, dark skinny jeans, sneakers and a jacket that would make him look super formal unless he was drastically under dressed.

    Show Spoiler

    Now all he had to do was wait. Yup, just wait.


    "Ugh this is taking too long!" He whined and flopped down face first onto his bed.
  7. Katrina Flowress, purple Katrina felt a little awkward socializing, but, she'd be rooming with this person for quite a while. "Katrina Flowress. You know, it's time to go." she responded, pointing towards the clock as she went to grab her knapsack.
    Knapsack (open)

    As she went for the door, she pondered the thought of how nice the president would be. She shook her head in an attempt to remove the thought, and kept walking. When she saw the stairs, she groaned. She started to climb, a new moan coming from her voice each time she finished a flight and realized there was another.

    Evelyn Rosette, magenta Not waiting for an a reply from her roommate, she went ahead and stepped inside the bathroom. She emerged around 8:43 with makeup and a new hairdo.
    Makeup (open)
    Hairdo (open)
    [​IMG]Just without the white strands.

    After all that hard work, she decided to make a run for it, she didn't want to be late. Dashing out the door, she popped her lips once more as she started hurriedly climbing the stairs.

    Kline Everdune, aqua Kline carefully placed Snoball on his bed in his bedroom, and blew a kiss to her as he locked the door. Brushing his hair back a bit, he decided to comb it.
    Hair (open)

    After making himself look a little tough, he pounded his chest twice and put two fingers up to his roommate, saying, "Peace!" as he opened the door and scrambled to the stairs. Checking his memory three times over, he groaned, and starting climbing.
  8. Aveline & Liesl Gottschalk

    Her roommate was surprisingly refreshing and cheerful! Her Vice President would probably be the same way then! Siblings were always alike, right? Were they even siblings? They were related somehow. She hadn't seen her Vice President, though, not even what he looked like. He had to have been as cute as this girl! And she had such good fashion sense! Aveline stared down at her outfit, finding them to be quite similar. She adjusted the socks under her boots and smiled widely at the familiar French sound. "Ah, vous parlez français aussi?! Ou êtes-vous de la France?" She smiled, hoping to test this girl's knowledge on the French language. She didn't look like she was from France. Or talk like she was. Aveline didn't talk like she was either, but still, it had to be obvious she was from France! She cooked the best food, wore the best clothes, had the best personality.. it was an endless list! "No problem! It's nice to meet you too, Tonasha!" At the mention of her hair, Aveline paused, and could not hold back. "Oh, yes, I only use the best shampoo! You could borrow some if you want, but I think your hair is lovely!" Aveline's eyes averted to the clock, and they widened, realizing she was going to be late. She stood abruptly, and stared at Tonasha, tilting her head. The girl looked like as if she was ready to go somewhere. She must have been in the.. Aveline had sworn her name was on the list.

    "I'm also the Club President! And I think you're brother is the Vice President! And you're a-- a representative, right?" Without waiting for an answer, Aveline pointed towards the door and beckoned Tonasha outside with her, walking up, up, up the stairs. A lot of stairs. To reach the highest room in the school.

    Liesl had shimmied out of their room, finding her roommate strange and really, she didn't want to talk to them. Not that there was anything wrong with them, but they took a lot of time in the bathroom to get ready. They must have been eager to make a good impression, or very.. self-absorbed. But Liesl wasn't one to make assumptions. She listlessly clicked her tongue, German boots tapping against each stair, and she saw a blonde head up in front of her. Oh, no. She paled. Blue eyes turned to stare at her, and Aveline squeaked a bit, rushing down the stairs and grabbing her hand, pulling her up. "Oh! Oh, Tonasha! This is my little cousin, Liesl! She's in The Club too! So, we'll all be together, huh?" As if they were already a group of best friends. Liesl tugged at the sleeve Aveline had a hold on, and she softly stated, "It's not very nice to grab people."

    Liesl's eyes met Tonasha's shoes only, but they eventually peered up to see those strands of black hair, and that pale face. The girl was pretty. A lot of people at Grey Key were pretty. But Tonasha had something strangely pretty about her-- as if she wasn't even trying. Aveline excitedly burst in the Club door, ignoring the fact that only a few people had arrived yet. "Alright, welcome to the Club! I'm your president, the awesome, amazing, adorable Aveline Gottachalk!" No one was there, but Aveline quickly turned, eyes bright and wide and happy. "That was my intro. How was it?!" She excitedly chirped.​
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  9. Benji Green

    "Yeah, we should get going I need to talk to Aveline, I already heard of a party to celebrate the new year and they told me they wanted Grey Key to come!"
    Ben said as he walked out the door and up the tons of stairs with Julia, when he arrived he was thankful for having strong legs from ballet. Taking a sigh he walked to the room and opened the doors to see Aveline and two unfamiliar girls.
    "Hey! I'm Benji, Benji Green! Who are you?" Ben said as he looked at the two girls he didn't recognize.

    Kastia Rose

    Kastia already liked her new roommate she didn't know why she was just so nice already. While finishing up her hair Kastia looked at her roommate just pulling out clothes, oh her pet peeve, she was gonna give this girl some fashion advice.
    "I'm actually a clothes designer and maker, that's why I'm here what about you?" She spoke as she got up "Oh I'm Kastia, sorry I forgot to say"
  10. Katrina Flowress, purple Katrina went red when people started to recognize her. Nobody else was going, so she thought she might. "Hi, I'm Katrina. Katrina Flowress. I'm a representative." she quickly muttered, and it could barely have been heard if you were across the room and in the corner. She didn't like the introductions, but she knew they were necessary. They were a hated force that she couldn't deny, yet vanquish.

    Evelyn Rosette, magenta After hearing Katrina's intro, Evelyn knew it was time to shine! She tood up, quickly piping up, she informed the others, "Hey there! I'm Evelyn, but you can call me Evy for short. I'm a representative, as well!". She then sat back down, a smirk on her face.

    Kline Everdune, aqua Sitting in the corner, looking tough, Kline listened to everybody's intros. This was getting interesting, but he probably should keep quiet as to not wanting everyone knowing who he was and what he was doing here. He tried looking more like a shadow, hiding from any glances or attention directed towards him.
  11. Michelle looked up at the clock. Shoot. The other girl was right. It was time to go. Her roommate didn't seem very pleased to be rooming with her, but oh well, most people took some time to warm up to her, if ever.

    Michelle Geier swept her long black hair from her face with her seemingly delicate fingers. She didn't look very strong, short, small in frame, but there were small signs of her talent in every part of her life. Her palms and wrists sported very strategic callouses from firing guns ambidextrously consistently. As she slid out of her comfortable PJ's unabashedly, she revealed a muscled figure her clothes normally didn't reveal. She dressed with a short, casual dress with short sleeves and long black tights - it gave her pretty good mobility, but also helped preserve her decency and made it so that she didn't have to worry about marks on her clothing if she was using a weapon of lower quality. Two pistols were strapped to an otherwise unnecessary belt, her license to carry them tucked into a water-proof pocket in her dress. She had a scar on her right calf, from where one of her classmates had accidentally tripped and fired a shot. Even her movements were lithe, cat-like, making it clear she was very comfortable in her body, but somehow still conveying the sense of alertness, like a coiled spring. She pulled two hair twists onto her left wrist, a habit she'd acquired in case she had to prepare for a fight, but otherwise the only piece of jewelry she sported was a light blue, dangling earring, the back of which had been modified to be more secure. She hadn't had any piercings before she and Michael gotten these, and she had been criticized for wearing it wherever she went, but she had always refused to part with it.

    She'd received her letter halfway through her last semester at the advanced training program she'd been in. Grey Key. She'd heard of the academy - it was famous for churning out incredible students and as far as she could tell, money wasn't the only thing you needed in order to be accepted, much less scouted like she had been. In all honesty, she'd been rather surprised; while Michelle was a better shot than a large number of adults, and had proven herself capable in martial arts, her academic record was far from perfect, and she wasn't that famous outside of gun fanatic circles. Prodigy. She snorted at the thought. She'd only been able to get as good as she had because Michael's suggestions had taught her which instincts to trust when firing. As a result she'd been reluctant, at first, to accept the invitation, even keeping it a secret from her parents, but as the semester had dragged on, she realized that she really didn't want to go anywhere else. If she went to a school full of gifted kids, maybe she'd be able to be treated as the rule, not the exception, she'd always wanted to experience a normal high school. On top of which, she had no intention of competing in the Olympics or becoming a child spy for whichever government her parents decided to favor. Even less did she want to become a bodyguard for hire, a field that sounded as boring as it did dangerous. Eventually, the athlete knew she'd be shoved into one or another of these things since she didn't really have any other talents, but she still had every intention of delaying the inevitable as long as possible. She wasn't looking forward to it, knowing that she'd get a lot of flack for being small in stature and relatively young.

    Whatever. She refused to think about that for now. She checked her reflection quickly in the mirror to ensure she had everything necessary, then flicked the earring lightly for luck, it was her daily ritual. Folding her hands, she offered a "good morning" prayer to the Lord, then picked up her backpack, which was camouflage patterned, but otherwise very normal. As she jogged towards the meeting room, her school map in hand, she idly wondered, as she did every morning, how Michael was doing. They did contact each other pretty regularly, but Michael had muttered something about computers taking over the world before she'd left, and they usually conversed through old fashioned mail. She hadn't told him she was coming to Grey Key, because she'd made the decision rather hastily and also because when she'd called their parents to inform them, they'd told her he'd been shipped off to some other fancy school. As far as she could figure, those idiots still had no idea that Michael's brain was hard-wired for instantaneous calculations, and had no idea why he'd been accepting to such a prestigious boarding school. They didn't even know where he was going. They didn't care, so they hadn't asked. Every morning one of those things she included in her prayer was "please help me love my parents again today." She reached the meeting room a little early and stepped inside to see a couple other representatives. That was when she saw him. "Michael?!" She thought, a shriek of shock echoing in her head as she stopped abruptly, right inside the door. Her jaw dropped open and she stared at her twin like he'd stepped out of the wall.


    Michael was sitting back in his chair, hands clasped behind his head, looking very relaxed. He watched as she walked in then stared at him like he was a ghost. Michelle was very normally a punctual person, he knew, but Michael had always liked coming much too early. He was just as surprised to see her as she was him, but unlike her, he just grinned, delighted, and gave her a cheerful wave. She was now wearing her "what a jerk you are" face - one he remembered clearly despite it having been a few years since he'd last seen her. Oh, this was going to be fun.

    Michael had always been very sure he and his sister were special. He had been equally sure that his parents were idiots, but he didn't mind. He preferred they had no idea he had any talents at all, since it made his life easier. Michelle's abilities had always been too obvious, and look where that had gotten her - sent overseas and treated like a pawn. As far as Mr. and Mrs. Geier were concerned, the only time Michael said anything, it was nonsensical and foolish. Of course they had no idea that the numbers he sometimes randomly spouted when he looked at them were distances, speeds, and angles, all very logically thought out and predicted. It was funny, then, that he hadn't been at all surprised by his invitation to a good school. Truthfully, he'd been receiving a few for quite some time, but most of them were universities, and he wasn't interested. He'd chosen Grey Key almost exclusively because it included standard-age students and because he'd liked the name. He hadn't kept his calculations a secret, because he knew his parents didn't read math-related papers and wouldn't understand anyways, but at one of their fancy parties for the wealthy and famous, he'd "accidentally" bumped into a physics professor and done a little demonstration. That had been a few years ago, and he'd done it because it was boring without Michelle to listen and understand. His parents really couldn't understand why he'd suddenly started receiving letters for good schools. He really couldn't understand how he was related to the two of them. All the same, he was glad he'd come to this place. To think, Michelle was here. He gave her another devil-may-care smile, receiving a "you're gonna pay for this shock later" smile in return. Michael just cracked his knuckles lightly and tapped his matching reddish-pink earring, a habit surprisingly similar to the one she'd developed.

    Michael hadn't bothered to introduce himself to the others there, but Michelle did, approaching the other members to say hi.
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  12. [BCOLOR=#800000]Cassidy Cane[/BCOLOR]

    "Nice to meet you Kastia, and clothing design and creation? That sounds awesome! Are you wearing something of yours now?" Cassidy asked eagerly, leaning forward. She had always admired how some people were able to just fabricate clothing without a second thought ! When she was younger, Cassidy had attempted at making a purse but she'd only succeeded in sewing her own shirt to her horrific monstrosity of a handbag as well as pricking the hell out of her fingers. She had decided that day that clothes making was not for her. But it was always nice to see others work their magic. She wondered if her roomie would let her watch her make something one day..."I create comics. I'm hoping that after my time here, I'll be able to publish a comic series or two." She chirped happily, as she began fussing with her hair. Her scarf had slipped off last night and so she had some serious oiling and combing to do.
  13. Tonasha waved her hands wildly, as the stream of french flew at her. "I only started just a few days ago! I may be a genius at languages but even I can't learn that fast! I'm Russian, not French after all." She only blinked as the other flew through her words and just followed after her quietly, a little... Weird at such exuberance. She was a quiet girl, so such a obviously loud and cheerful person was very much a shock. Though, her cousin was a welcome relief and she felt a kindred spirit within the other.

    "Hi Liesl... Nice to meet you... And Aveline, yes. I'm a representative." Tonasha just chuckled at Aveline's exuberance and was a little.. put off by her behaviour, very demanding but she could still sense a thread of kindness there. Liesl seemed very much like her, quiet and gentle and pretty. Without trying, which is what Tonasha always strove to do and the other girl was just as pretty, in the same quiet way. It was nice to meet her and she smiled softly. They soon entered the room and Tonasha's smile grew into a bright grin as she saw Julian, quickly racing over to him and jumping on his back as she had always done since they were children. "Jules!! Dobroye utro! How'd you sleep? Oh, can you meet my friends... They are really nice and I think that's your roommate with them too~~"

    Julian had only just entered the room when he felt his sister impact with his back and grinned at her excitement. She wasn't one to make friends easily, so if she considered these people her friends, he'd have to check it out. "Dobroye utro. I slept well and of course I shall come and say hello."

    He wandered over there and grinned at his room mate, flashing a charismatic smile around the group. "Hi, Miss. President, I have taken the time before this to learn of you of course. And you must be Liesl, a representative right?" He relaxed a little, his smile morphing into a grin as he ruffled Tonasha's hair. "You've met my adorable older sister right? Nice to meet any friends of hers, especially cute ones!" He threw in a wink and grinned, looking to his sister. "Are you going to introduce me?~"

    She blushed at her mistake and began pointing out her new friends. "This is Aveline, my roommate and her cousin Liesl."
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  14. Souji would never thought that he could go to German in his life, it was really particularly due to his high logic ability to solve cases. Souji got offer to many different scholarships by university despite being second years. Out of all he decided to go to Grey Key Academy, located in German, with that being said he diligently learned German language in such a short time though most of his time would be dating with 2d girl on his Iphone or computer. Nevertheless he manage to pull of the impossible, he could speak German but not fluently.

    His first day at the academy went so fast as he reached the academy during midnight which could guess that he would be overslept and have major jet-lag. Souji woke up and found out that it's already morning, the shine was so bright that he covered his eye. Souji took a good looked at his room as he went directly to sleep yesterday, he found out that he isn't the only one that live in the room but so far there's no one in this room beside him. Souji decided to walk around and greet himself to the other student after taking a bath, he went for the cafeteria to see if there's someone there.
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  15. More like cosplay (open)

    Well this looks like an interesting bunch.

    Jun stared down into his PSVita, reviewing his team of the heroic Captain America, the ruthless Albert Wesker, and the unfailing Phoenix Wright. Quite unique to say the least; each character equipped with a powerful quirk, but a lack of synergy makes a difficult play. It would be up to the player to achieve victory with excellent handling, sacrificing efficiency for raw strength.

    So you go with the people you know best….

    He put away his handheld, crossing his arms as he pondered. Jun felt very out of place, practically forced into some super-genius European school without warning. Mother dearest informed him that it was all Dad’s idea—of course it was Dad’s idea! Why this school even invited him in the first place was beyond anyone. Everyone else here was probably on a Julliard scholarship or wanted to be youngest brain surgeon. Jun’s only passion was competitive gaming and kicking ass. What about his roommate; pulmonology?
    His rant was interrupted by a lively discussion.

    Jun stayed well hidden, his vantage point allowed him to see who walked in and out of the meeting area. The invitation informed him of this gathering, but he had no interest in mingling with this elite band of junior scholars. Even if the girls looked really nice…

    Maybe that was reason enough?

    He made his way for the entrance, finding it too convenient that not one noticed him walk in. If it was going to be this ridiculous, he thought, he would make it more obvious by sitting where less people gathered. A lone male student caught his attention and he approached with a smile. Short-haired brunette, signs of feline hair on his person.

    Jun waved at the student, expecting the usual reaction once he spoke with a natural male tone. ”I know why you’re back here. You’ve got eyes on the blondie up front. Well that or you don’t have any friends here. And you and I are FOREVER ALONE.”

    [[OOC: Yes, it's Kline he's talking to.]]
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  16. ((@Vegnya. You talking to Kline or Michael, they're both sitting off at one corner of the room))
  17. ((@GreenSea psst. There's no one in the cafeteria. Everyone's in the meeting room.))

    Michael watched as Michelle went over to the big group gathered up front, his arms still behind his head in a relaxed fashion, then he noticed a girl approaching the boy at the opposite corner of the room. Ah wait, no. That was... a guy? Judging from that person's voice, anyways. Since the other guy seemed unresponsive, he called out in response, "Could be both. The guys who end up forever alone tend to be the ones with their eyes on the blondes." He grinned shamelessly at the other guy.


    Michelle ignored Michael, who was being stupid, as usual. Going up to the group just as one of the girls jumped on the back of a boy who had just walked in, she tried making her presence known, waving at the nearest person - a girl she was pretty sure had just said she created comics. "Hi. I'm Michelle. You're a representative too, right, dear?" The endearment slipped from her mouth before she could stop it. A bad habit Michael had started years ago.
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  18. When Souji reached towards the cafeteria, there isn't soul to be seen, which he just remembered that he need to go to meeting room. It doesn't take long for Souji to reached to the Meeting room but before that, he stole a little portion on what suppose to be an ingredient of today's dessert, he took a banana for him to eat as a breakfast. As he reached the meeting room, he found out that the majority has arrived, he got nothing to said but to beg for an apology by bowing down.
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