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  1. Gwen threw her duffel on her bunk with an air of resignation. It rumpled the tightly tucked sheets, and the mattress creaked a bit as she folded her lanky form onto it, looking around the room. It was a small, one-bed unit; there was a corner desk, twin-size bed, sliding closet, and one three-shelf unit to put books, movies, etcetera on. Gwen resolved to find some supplementary units soon as she unzipped her duffel and started unpacking.

    She pulled items out slowly, hesitating at least three times before setting something in a place. This uni had not been her first choice. It was not held in the highest esteem due to its open tolerance of what were politely referred to as 'Afflicted Folk', and its degrees were not as valuable as some other universities offered, but it was specialized towards chemical science, complete with a volunteer research program, and bottom line: it was the only one in her budget. And that with the aid of a very hard-earned scholarship; she hadn't exactly had many options.

    Having sorted most of her few possessions, Gwen found herself down to hanging up clothes. She sat back down on the mattress, feeling spent at the effort of making this dorm 'homey'. It was technically only one room, the rooms being in sets of four, with a uniting common room in the centre, and two shared bathrooms pairing the rooms. She liked that it was one bed per room though; more private, less worries of freight-train sinuses.

    Yawning, she ruffled a hand through her pixie cut dark hair; she was in need of another buzz around the back already, but the extra length was fascinating to shuffle around. Flopping backward, she yawned, her mouth opening wide and her grey eyes scrunching shut. She was so tired; the drive down to South Carolina, and the ferry trip onto the peninsula had been both physically and financially taxing. She'd love nothing more than to take a nap, she was pretty comfortable in her grey driving sweatpants and two-sizes-too-big hoodie, but she was pretty sure there was an initial dorm meeting in a few minutes, and as a choice between attending orientation tonight or early in the morning, she'd rather gulp a coffee and put the extra hours in.
  2. Brianna’s grey-blue eyes analyzed the map in her slightly trembling hand. Of course she was nervous, a new place meant new people and new people weren’t always nice. She was comfortable at home, with her family. Sighing she looked down the hall and continued forward. A backpack was slung over her right shoulder a small suitcase in her left hand. As she walked it could be seen that she was fairly tall, possibly five foot eight or nine, her hair was raven black, wavy and hung just passed her collar bone in a well layered fashion. She wore an assortment of hair ties and bracelets on her wrists. Jingling slightly each time she took a step due to the chains around her waist and on her right boot.

    She carried on down the hall, her eyes checking all the room numbers until she eventually found the one she had been looking for. The door had been left open a crack. Stepping forward she knocked on the door and pushed it open. “Hello?” She called as she walked in. Turning around she shut the door behind her.

    The room was oddly silent, even for her sensitive ears, there was the steady thrumming of the electricity flowing through the wires and that was it. Was that something they did on purpose? Had they designed these rooms for the people with sensitive senses? Stepping forward Bree was startled by the loudness of her step. Placing the suitcase on the ground she knelt down and started removing her boots. With that over she stepped forward into a small common space, nothing extravagant. On either side of the main room were two doors. Stepping to the right and back a bit Bree walked into the room that was closest to the main entrance on the right side of the dorm.

    The door had been left ajar just like the main entrance. Pushing it open she stepped in. The room, once again was plain. The walls were an odd off white colour with a single grey accent wall opposite the door. Bree’s backpack was dropped on the bed and the suitcase placed at the foot of the seemingly comfortable double bed. Taking a moment Brianna looked around the room, a subtle smirk coming across her features; the only thing that could make this room any better would be a set of sliding doors that could allow her to step outside whenever she pleased. Stepping up to the window she pulled the curtains aside and looked out, her view wasn’t too bad, a little bit of flat land that led into the forest that was part of the school’s property.

    Hearing a spring groan Bree turned her head towards the sound and raised a brow. She thought she was alone in the room so far. Perhaps she hadn’t been paying as much attention as she should have. It was nice to know that there was possibly someone else in here with her, but it was also terrifying. Clenching her jaw she walked up to her door and pulled it open. Listening carefully she waited for another sound. After a few moments of hearing nothing she walked back into her room, leaving the door open, and started unpacking her things.
  3. It was probably the moment she decided not to get up for the sound of a booted foot stepping into the common area that Gwen's brain decided that, by association, it must be fine to start sawing logs. Her snoring wasn't terribly loud, but even if it was, she couldn't have known. Her nap was short-lived however, as her cell phone began blaring familiar metal riffs ten minutes later. Startling awake, she fumbled for her phone while blinking bleary eyes. Shit, downstairs meeting already? No sooner had she cancelled the alarm when there was a knock on the common area door.

    Gwen pushed herself heavily to her feet, deciding she'd just unpack her pyjamas before bed and take care of the rest of her stuff at some point in the coming days. No rush. She'd slept with her shoes on, which wasn't a super-comfy feeling as she shuffled into the common area to see a perky looking blonde thing poking her head in. From her neck dangled a lanyard with an ID badge on it. Gwen couldn't read it from this distance and with sleep in her eyes, but she guessed school staff. Maybe a TA or Volunteer, she looked too young to be official faculty.

    "Hi~" the blondie greeted in a sing-song voice "There's a dorm meeting in the foyer downstairs in about five minutes, it's mandatory so we're just reminding everyone, okay?"

    Gwen nodded, rubbing her eyes with one hand and waving the girl off with the other. She wondered where the other three were, although judging by the magazines and bean bag chair in the common area, one or more of them may have moved in before she arrived.
  4. As Brianna finished folding some shirts she heard a subtle snore before being startled by the loudness of music. She took a second to calm herself after putting her clothes down. Bree approached the door to her room as she heard a knock coming from the main entrance of the dorm. Opening her bedroom door Bree heard someone speak as she stepped out. The raven haired girl was only able to catch a glimpse of the blonde that walked away after her message had been delivered. In the middle of the common room stood another female, her hair was short, but the front ends were a little longer. Standing up straight the raven haired woman cleared her throat. “Uh—Hi, I’m Bree.” She spoke with a subtle smile before putting her hand out for a shake.

    Brianna had never really been a social person, even before her little twist of fate. From that point on she had been forced to live an insanely sheltered life. The pack had worried for her in several ways, in fact allowing her to come to this school was a decision that took so long, Bree had almost missed the deadline. She was confident that coming here was the right choice though. There was a lot for her to learn and benefit from attending this university. Besides, she was taking a photo/video course, something she was interested in and one of the few programs that wasn’t science based. It wouldn’t be too hard, would it?
  5. Gwen turned to look over her shoulder when a faltering voice spoke from that direction. one of her roomies, she supposed.

    "Gwen" she returned, accepting the handshake and managing a smile, though she was still sleepy. "You're rooming in this section also, I take it?" she glanced around at the common room. She wondered where the other two were; they probably just deposited their stuff and then headed off to more interesting horizons. Gwen would have been out exploring and mingling, herself, if she hadn't been so dead-dog tired. Her nap, however brief, had been refreshing though, and actually getting upright instead of lying down helped to wake her up a bit, too. Some caffeine wouldn't hurt the process though.

    She glanced at the analog clock on the wall. "There's time to grab a coffee from that mini cafe by the doors if you wanna join me" she offered
  6. “Uh…yeah. Just umm—just in that room.” Brianna pointed to her bedroom. She listened to the other girl, Gwen, speak and she nodded. “Yeah sure. I’d love to grab some coffee.” Brianna’s voice was subtle, quiet. She didn’t know how to approach socializing with others. Within her family and their ranks she had no problem, everyone could be who and what they truly were. In the outside world not everyone was as accepting. Glancing at the other woman Bree nodded to herself slightly and approached the front entrance. Kneeling down she pulled on her boots and began tying up the laces.

    In her mind she repeated to herself that this wasn’t as difficult as she thought. She was just intimidated that’s all. Scoffing at her thoughts she shook her head slightly. If Adrian and Marcus heard her say she was intimidated they’d make a fool out of her. The twins had always been proud of who they were and their heritage. They also grew easily irritated with the way humanity viewed supernaturals.

    Tightening the last knot Brianna stood up and glanced over at her new roommate. Opening the door she motioned for Gwen to step ahead. “After you.” She spoke, her voice soft once again as the right side of her lips twitched up into a half smile. Bree was never good at hiding emotions. She didn’t know how evident the fear and intimidation was on her features.
  7. Having slept in her shoes, Gwen was still too tired to care enough to change out of her big 'I'm in a car all day anyway' hoodie, much less go into her room and dig through her duffel to get her less-ratty footwear.

    "I like your boots" she commented, leaning back against the doorframe as she waited for the other girl to finish tying them. She raised the hand that wasn't buried in her hoodie to shuffle through her hair, finger-combing the longest section into formation. It probably wasn't perfect, but still, how much could it really matter? It was only the entire population of students in this dorm grouping together for the first time. Everyone she'd be living near and possibly going to classes with for at least the next few months, possibly the next few years

    suddenly she wanted to change, or at least put some makeup on, but Bree was done with her boots and they were leaving the dorm; Gwen locked it behind them before they headed down the hall.

    The small cafe Gwen had mentioned was immediately inside the doors to the building, and therefore only one flight of steps down from their location.
  8. Brianna smiled at the compliment. “Thanks.” She quickly glanced at the other girl before stepping out. The raven haired girl followed the other. The smell of coffee was strong, entering Bree’s sensitive nose rather quickly. The voices of other student grew louder as they approached. The silence between the two grew thick. Brianna wasn’t too sure on what to say or ask. What was right…Clenching her jaw she got in the line for coffee.

    “So uhh…What program are you in?” She asked as she avoided eye contact. Was that something that was okay to ask? Too invasive? It seemed like a fairly general and vague question. It didn’t reveal much about a person other than their interests…right? Bree seemed to be asking herself more questions, when it was Gwen that she was trying to get to know. This socializing thing didn’t seem like it was going to be easy.

    “Hi m’am. How can I help you?” A foreign unknown voice chimed into Brianna’s ears. Her attention was quickly aimed towards the woman taking her order.

    “Hi, yeah umm…Can I just get a medium coffee with three sugars?” Bree asked and ordered.

    It only took a moment and her coffee was delivered as she finished receiving her change.
  9. "Chemistry" Gwen replied, slipping into the line behind Bree. There were a few other students with the same idea, it seemed. She wondered how many were on their floor. "With a minor in Philosophy. How 'bout you?"

    She waited for Bree to order, and placed hers in a similar fashion (medium black coffee), paying cash and leaning backward against the counter while the barista poured it, watching Bree mildly and waiting for her reply. A slightly vain part of her mind was still a bit fixated on her own looks, lack of makeup, and wardrobe. She wondered if Bree would be very surprised at her different look when she was not in her 'travel and sleep' ensemble, but then decided it didn't matter that much if she was or not.
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