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    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Game Masters:[/BCOLOR] Let players know who to contact about this roleplay.
    Yes or No!
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Posting Expectations:[/BCOLOR] What your expect from a player's posts. How often they should be able to play, etc.
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Rating:[/BCOLOR] Let players know what kind of content will be in the roleplay.
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Genre:[/BCOLOR] A more detailed explanation of what genre your plot falls under. Example: Zombie Apocalypse or Space Saga SciFi.
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Atmosphere/Mood:[/BCOLOR] What sort of atmosphere will the roleplay have. Example: Serious, dramatic, super action, creepy horror, comedic.
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Plot Flow:[/BCOLOR] Linear, Open World, etc.
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Timeline:[/BCOLOR] What time period the roleplay takes place, or an example of what time period the roleplay is like.
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Basic Plot:[/BCOLOR] A really quick description of what the roleplay is about.
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  2. The 3rd Reich

    Game Master
    Accepting New Players
    • Hitler and his Nazi regime has recently won WWII and eliminated Britain. Churchill has been and the Royal family has been executed but not many of the citizens made it over to the Americas. South America, Mexico, Canada, and the United States have come together to create a huge country called The United Americas. UA for short. The Soviet Union has also stood tall. The rest of Europe, Africa, and Asia has been taken over by the Axis. Germany has control over all of Europe and some of Asia. Italy has been annexed by Germany. Japan has most of the control over Asia and they are currently fighting the last of the resistance in Australia. The war was lost because of a new type of Nazi soldier brought into the war before 1945. They were Vampires. It was called Project: Black Moon. Not only did it reveal the existence of vampires to the world it turned the tide for Germany. They halted progress on the Atomic Bomb in America and started to decimate armies near the Fatherland. Naturally Werewolves rose to contest the Vampires. The allied countries recognized Vampires as an actual race, gave them rights and let them join the army to fight the Nazis.

      The year is 1950 and the Soviet Union and the UA are creating a joint project to sent a unit of soldiers behind enemies lines to put a halt on Germany and start taking back land. President Truman and General Patton are the ones putting together the project in Russia and sending the Unit to the front lines against Hitler and his lead scientist (XXXX).

    • 1. All Iwaku rules apply
      2. No drama in the OOC, IC is fine of course
      3. Reply in a timely fashion. Within 4 days please
      4. My word is law. I am very reasonable and fair however so it shouldn't be a problem
      5. Romance is fine and I encourage it, however keep 18+ faded to black or go into a private conversation
      6. If you have any questions just message me or ask in this thread
      7. Don't bash
      8. HAVE FUN!!!

    • Vampires - Vampires are stronger and faster at night. They also can heal faster than humans but not werewolves. They are weaker in the day. Vampires are also weak towards stakes and silver. They are subject to heavy discrimination within the UA and the Soviet Union.

      Werewolves - Werewolves have regular strength but have a tougher constitution. They can heal faster than humans and Vampires but have to change during the full moon no matter what. They can change at will outside of that. Werewolves are often met with high positions because they rose up to fight the Vampires and Nazis.

      Humans - Humans have better willpower and mental strength, but are kind of fragile. They have the lowest rate of healing but can drink the blood of either Werewolves or Vampires to heal. They are most of the worlds population.

      Technology - For technology they are going to use 1944-1945 weaponry and gear. I will also allow inventions of your own creation but must be reasonable and have my approval beforehand.

    • Name: The full name of your character. Please list your character's name
      Must be between 18+
      Sexual orientation:

      Height: Your character's height.
      Weight: Your character's weight.
      Special characteristics: Does anything special or unique stand out? Perhaps a scar or interesting birthmark, or even...
      Appearance: Please describe your character's general appearance. Their preferences in clothing and colors, body type... (You have the option of using pictures instead. Anime please)

      Personality: Describe your character's personality. Be as detailed as possible.

      Interests and hobbies: How does your character enjoy spending their time? Anything in particular that they like?

      Skills: What are they good at?

      Fears: Please list a minimum of three logical fears and describe them. Eg: Ghosts, fire, snakes, spiders.

      History: Your character's history. Summarize their life up until now, detailing any important events, to the point...

      Weaknesses: Describe any weakness of your character's powers.

      Other: Anything else you'd like to tell us about your character?

      - Feel free to add anything you think is necessary -

    • President Truman -
      General Patton -

      Hitler -
      Reichsmarschall -


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  3. The 3rd Reich

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