Greg Ellis Has Gone Missing

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  1. Oh goodness. I hope he's safe.
  2. Don't worry- he was found, he is alive and okay :)
  3. Even assuming Indabayou didn't give an update I wouldn't have been worried.

    People have lives, it's possible someone just lost track of them temporarily. Like, I get that people expect celebrities to be in the spotlight every moment, but they're only human. :/
  4. [​IMG]

    They're fine.
  5. He was found.... at home? What?

    Glad he's well, though. Hope there was no serious concern/reason why he was reported missing despite apparently being where he was supposed to be.
  6. The main concern was that he's bipolar and was last seen having a manic episode. He was also refusing treatment. So, yeah, it was a genuine concern. But he's okay now. :)
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  7. According to the actor himself, he's not bipolar and he basically told the friend who publicly claimed he is to shut his whore mouth. (Understandable. Even if he IS bipolar, that's not the kind of information you casually give out to the public.)

    The concern was because he missed a scheduled visit with his kids and was MIA for a while. Still, looks mostly like people just freaked out and it got exacerbated and blown out of proportion by his friends making panicky posts on their social media.
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  8. I remember one time my Mom got freaked out, and started calling people claiming I went missing...

    I was sleeping...
    In my bed...
    In my room...

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  9. Mom: this year I lost my dear son gwazi

    Gwazi: Quit telling everyone I'm dead!

    Mom: sometimes I can still hear his voice
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  10. This would be really convenient.
    Cause then I could eat all the roast beef and blame it on ghosts. :P

    But then I'd be considered a ghost, and I'm not the ghost I'd be blaming... :(
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