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  1. Just another new member here. I'm not new to roleplaying, but I'm definitely rusty. I hope to make many good memories here!
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  2. Hmm orangejuice.... I mean. >> Hello new person! Welcome to the community! <3 If you want a good place to get in some quick practice, you'll love the JumpIn section. All you have to do in there is jumpin and start playing. :D
  3. Hello! Don't worry about the rust, we'll soon fix that >=P

    We love RP on Iwaku, and all skill levels are welcome, so you can go ahead and jump in wherever you're comfortable and I'm sure you'll find it's just like riding a bike :P

    The Content Boards are great for getting back on your feet and keeping your inspiration running hard and fast, too! We post writing exercises that hone your skills, and challenges that test your imagination; you'll be able to explore and learn more not only about writing your characters actions, but about their backgrounds, the world they live in, their hobbies, the items and creatures they interact with, and much much more!
  4. What if I told you that I can't ride a bike? :'(

    Anyway, I'll check that board out!