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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Necrosis, a pleasure to meet you all. I've rped for a while but I'm still not that good but I do enjoy it and I'm always willing to learn. I like being called Necro and don't worry I don't Necro threads. Despite my avatar I am actual a Boy. Though I tend to rp as both males and females. I like to rp with a group though sometimes I do just use a single partner.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I won't bite, well I might.
  2. Welcome to the community Necrosis! :)
  3. Hallo! :D Welcome aboard!
  4. Oh wow, I wasn't expecting an Admin to post.
  5. Diana posts to everyone! :D
  6. Welcome Necro! I think you'll find a lovely new home here!
  7. That is an awesome avatar.
  8. Thank you! Alas I am not to credit for it and I've had the image so long in my images I don't even know the artist anymore. Though to be fair I probably never did because it was in a misc folder and not a folder with an artists name on it.

    Either way Thank you again.
  9. Welcome to the site Necrosis!!