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  1. hello everyone just joined this site as a friend of mine is here dunno if they uses the same name or not that they uses on skype but oh well i'll be mostly looking around and getting used to the site before i decide if i'll become an active RP'er here or not and if i should bring any of my RP ideas to here ^^

    Hope my stay here is enjoyable ^^
    Thorn Nightshade
  2. *waves* Hayy I'm Hollow! Welcome to the magicall realm of Iwaku!
    I hope you decide to be active, you'll love Iwaku ^^
    If you don't still welcome all tha same.
    *disappears into shadows*
  3. *giggles* hello hollow you seem hyper so i won't make my normal remark about hay being for horses *smiles* and thanks for your greeting towards me ^^
  4. Hello! Welcome to Iwaku! I do wish you luck finding your friend :P
  5. hee~ thankies ^_^ also i do have a RP that i've done up but don't really have a name for it right now so where would i post it on here to see if there's any interest in the RP?
  6. You would put it in the Interest Check section here.
  7. ah thankies the way this site is set up is abit confusing to me
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  8. Yeah. It takes a bit to get used to. If you've got any questions, though, everyone on the site is very friendly and will be happy to help.
  9. thanks i got my RP set up in the int check so hopefully it'll gather interest and maybe someone'll be able to help me with finding a suitable name for the RP *hugs Rainjay*
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  10. Good luck! :)
  11. Salutations, Thorn! ^o^ Welcome aboard!
  12. thank you very much ^_^
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