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  1. Hello :cookie:
    My name is Flore or any name you have for me is fine.
    I have been role playing for a good four years now or maybe more, I cannot remember.
    I am a student in University, and I like to escape that sickish reality but I can get extremely busy.
    I do hope I can still satisfy anyone's needs for role playing despite my hectic schedule.
    I prefer Original characters and plots.
    Any genre is fine by me, I am not picky at all.

    Seme x Seme is basically love; I am glad to have discovered the wonders of role playing this pairing.
    I do Shoujo/Heterosexual since I am indeed a sucker for them.
    I am not sure yet, but I do want to try a Yuri pairing, just one though. Not too much of a fan, but please be on the look out for a plot!
    I play both Submissive & Dominant.
    All in all, I may be a literate/advanced role player but I am very chill.
    Hopefully, I can get a plot forum up and get to know you all.

  2. Howdy Flore, welcome to the community! ^o^
  3. Hello Flore! Welcome to Iwaku! ^,^
  4. Thank you for the warm welcomes.
    I feel very welcomed and comfortable here. ♥