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  1. Sup. I'm a RPer, a GM, a writer, and a businessman. I would go off about how many amazing RPs I've GMed in the past, but retrospectively, they were all shit. There's still so many areas for me to improve in, unfortunately.

    If you couldn't tell from my avatar, I like muh animoo and mangoos. I also enjoy animated brutality and a good, twisted plot. So if you have any thoughts on stuff like that, maybe hook me up? Probably not, since I'm a student though. I've been RPing for seven or so years now, and I'd like to think of myself as the top twenty percent of RPers, but eh, see how it goes.

    Oh yeah, out of curiousity, for anyone popping by here...have you ever seen an RP that had a player character actually DIE? In a planned out fashion that was actually intentional and good. Because that's the main thing I want to see happen one day.

    Either that, or a school RP that ISN'T about trying to hook up with some other player.

    Also, I make AMVs. Occasionally, I make them as openings for RPs. That's a thing too, I guess.
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  2. Hello! Welcome to the Iwaku community!
  3. I have both played characters that died AND murdered characters! >:D Mostly in chat roleplays though. O_O

    Welcome to the community, Erode!
  4. Player character death is not at all unheard of here. :D It's pretty awesome. I haven't been involved in one including PC death yet, but I've always wanted to. Welcome to Iwaku~