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  1. Ey yo! My name's Basil! You may call me Basil, or you may call me Basil.

    No, okay, no, you can seriously call me anything, I don't care. But I do usually go by Basil. ^^ I've been doing this roleplay thing for many a year indeed. Since I just barely peaked over the horizon of being a teenager, in fact.

    While I started in the lands of forum roleplay, I have just integrated myself into tabletop! (It's pretty scary intimidating, imo. These people know their shiz.) I've eventually recently hit a patch of extreme boredom in my life, so I thought, hey, let's try a new site? I've in fact joined two (including this interesting beast) so I dunno, let's see how bored I'll get now?

    Other than collaborative storytelling, I am happy to admit I easily slip into super dweeb status. I like my animus and mangos, what can I say? In case you didn't recognize my avatar, it's the new and improved version of a character from my new baby, Tokyo Ghoul. If you don't know what it is, I highly, highly recommend it. Kind of mature themes, given that there's cannibalism and gore very liberally splattered within it, it's not your usual variety of animu/mango. It has no panty shots. I repeat, no panty shots. This is not some boy's fetish coated in blood like some other stories. This is some serous business and I adore it because of that.

    Be prepared to have your heart torn in two about ten thousand times.

    But, yeah. I think that's about it! Enjoy?
  2. Well hello there Basil! >:3 Welcome to the siiiiite!
  3. I'm hella excited to be here, thank you! :3
  4. A pleasure to meet you. May your time here be full of fun and insanity! Maybe we'll see each other in an RP.
  5. Aw, thank you! And I swear I shall try to live up to the standards! >:]
  6. Hey Basil! Welcome!

    I am helping some one start up a Mass Effect RP! If you are interested message me! If not then......carry on.
  7. I apologize, but while I've heard of the game, I've never played it. u.u However, I hope the recruiting goes well! Good luck!
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  8. I'm actually trying to make an RP. I need to finish the idea and make presentable, still. Here is the main idea:

    Y'Know all those Myths? Zeus? Ra? Leviathan? Those sort of things? Well, they're not myths. Not anymore, at least. Whatever we considered a myth is awakening. They are coming to destroy the "Human Infestation." However, we have found a way to instill powers into humans so that we can fight the Myths. You will have access to the highest-tech equipment we can get.

    That's it for now.
  9. Sounds exciting! If you want, you can PM me to help you flesh it out some more, or you can just alert me when is ready to go! It sounds like a good idea and I definitely want in when you start! ^^
  10. I will reserve a spot for you! \(^0^)/

    A PM is coming your way, as well.