Greetings :-)

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  1. Hi and hello to everyone :-)

    To start, I'm new to this site and consider myself still new to roleplaying as well. I've started roleplaying almost two years ago and by roleplaying, I improved my writing skills and imagination. It has been a while since I roleplayed. I just started my new work last week and I don't have as much free time as I used to. But still, I would love to roleplay again. I want to submerge myself in fantasy again and escape this harsh reality of a world. So please, take me to your imagination created world and universe. There, we shall converse and live our dream life.
  2. *bows* Welcome to the madness, come and loose control in the shadows *laughs and disappears into shadows*
  3. Awh~ so sweet~ thank you ^^ *points flashlight towards darkness and shines bright ray.*
  4. Hi there Shade, welcome to the site! ^o^
  5. Hello there, Diana :-)