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  1. Hello everyone, I'm xXLunarGleamXx though you may just adress me as Luna or Gleam.

    I've been roleplaying for about three years now~ Its one of my favorite hobbies! I love seeing things from the perspective of someone completely different from myself as it is a rather interesting experience. It forces me to enter the shoes of another and it helps me learn how to deal with many situations. Often does allow me to better understand the minds of others. As such, I find this to be an amazing hobby and I am a pretty active poster. If you wish for more information on my roleplaying, I have already filled out nearly everything on my profile so you're welcomed to take a look!

    I do try to conduct myself in a nice manner and I'm open to the ideals of others, but I'm not the boldest person. I do occasionally have difficulties in roleplays seeing as I am pretty shy in real life. Still, I do try to play my roles the best I can, so my apologies if any hesitancy or modesty gets annoying.

    With that said, I'm open to roleplays and don't be afraid of sending me a request~
  2. Hallo Luna! Welcome to the siiiiite!
  3. Thank you for the friendly welcome! ^.^
  4. Welcome Luna! I hope you enjoy it here, there are loads of awesome folks! :D
  5. Thank you :3 I like it so far.
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  6. Hello :3
  7. Hello, Luna.
    I hope you have a wonderful time here. ~ Perhaps we can roleplay with each other sometime.
  8. Thank you ^.^ and I'd be happy to.
  9. Heya! I am Domeki Sato and it's a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to Iwaku! Hope you have a lot of fun here. If you need a buddy are wanna Rp give me a shout. Oh and almost forgot .....Hope you can handle insanity. *Smiles* tumblr_mpw7p3sp4z1s7r83vo4_500.gif
  10. Hi! Thank you for your kindness and no worries, my life is full of craziness!
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