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A large man in a expensive suit walks forward into the open room. His hair black and long reaching almost to his knees. His suit black with white undershirt and black tie. His eyes a cold grey as he peers around the room looking at all the people to meet and eventully perhaps get to know. He rest one hand is his pocket as the other dangles at his side. His large frame filling out the well made suit. He takes a few slow steps intothe room before making his introduction. He bows slightly and says in a deep rumble of a voice.'Greetings Iwaku players, I am Elvivar Draconis, a roleplayer for most of my life, been doing so for a little over 20 years now. I look forward to getting to know some of you. And hope there is good roleplay to be had." he smiles once finished with his greeting and takes a seat at a near table to him and relaxes in waiting
A second dark-haired figure slips into the room, taking a seat across from Elvivar and propping elbows up on the table. "Hello there, Elvivar. I'm Ossochanter, also known to my friends as Ozzie! Welcome to Iwaku. I'm fairly new to these parts myself, but I've been roleplaying online for about ten or eleven years. You've picked a great place, if good roleplaying is what you're looking for. We're all pretty friendly around here. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask or send me a Private Message; I'd be happy to show you around. Have you filled out your Roleplayer's Resume yet? What sort of genres do you like?"

Ozzie leans forward a little, green eyes focused on Elvivar from behind black frames, keenly awaiting the man's answers.
He listened and nodded his head."I did fill it out as far as i know, and I like most forms of roleplay. not much for horror gore but pastthat i am fine with most evrything else. i played Vampire and dungeons and Dragons for a good part of my life. and i like all forms of fantasy. I am pretty laid back to the most part.
Ozzie laughs. "Oh, if you don't like horror, you should stay away from the roleplay linked in my signature! (Although it's not the gory slasher kind of horror.) But horror isn't the most common of genres here. You'll find plenty of fantasy and sci-fi, though. I've done a good bit of tabletop gaming myself; I started playing D&D with my brother about the same time I learned to read, and I've dabbled in most of the World of Darkness games. A bit of D20 modern and Eberron and a few others, too. It sounds like we would get along. Why don't you stop by my page and send me a friend request?"

As quickly as arriving, Ozzie was bouncing back out the door, waving to Elvivar on the way out. "Either way, I hope to see you around the forums!"
A distinguished long term roleplayer with style. I like. >:3 Welcome to Iwaku! I look forward to having a chance to play with you.
Savannah was leaning against the wall in the back of the newb room just hanging out when the new guy in his expensive suit walked in. She silently listened to his introduction with a smirk on her face. She waited until he was unencumbered with guests and greetings before slipping over to his table and sitting in front of him. She let the smirk fade into a genuine smile as her bright green eyes met his cold mercurial gaze. "My name is Savannah. Just got here a few days ago. So far everyone seems very friendly and always willing to help, as am I. If you need anything...." she reached in her pocket and pulled out a business card, slipping it into his hand, "...don't hesitate to drop me a line." She stood from her place and sauntered to the door, stopping at the doorway to toss her long red hair over her shoulder, looking back at him with a smirk, "Oh yeah.....welcome." Then she slipped out the door off to find a thread to pester people in.
Welcome to Iwaku, it's good to meet you!
I'm Kitti, by the way.
I shall assume that you've taken a look around and hopefully found everything, but if you do need any help, there's no shame in asking.
Most of our areas are self-explanatory, of course, but if you are at all confused, we're more than happy to help.
Happy playing!
/me smiles to all those that have been so kind to welcome him. he stands and says in a grumbled tone.'Thank you all for the warm welcome, I look forward to getting to know you all, and also look forward to roleplaying with you. But i seems i have something to attend to and i shall hopfully find out all i need to know in time.'With that her makes a slight bow and then heads for the door, following the red haired woman into the night