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I am Artemis, and I am new here. i expect to have a great time with you
Hello and welcome to Iwaku, Artemis. I hope to have a great time with you too. xD
I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.
If you want to get to know some people, General is a great way to do it, with awesome threads like this one Which Jedi Are You? for fun, OOC banter.
To help others get to know you and your roleplaying style, you should fill out the Roleplay Resume!
From there, you can sign up for group roleplays in the Roleplay Signup section or just join a Jump In roleplay, which is open to anyone anytime.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Hi welcome to Iwaku. I hope you find this a second home like I have. Please PM me if you have any questions.
Thank you. I guess I can find myself on to how things work out somehow
Welcome to the Iwaku!
I am Loveless (or Revenant for Halloween), one of the many wonderful staff members here on the site.
Also meaning, if you ever need assistance, please feel free to ask. :D
All the names in Purple, Blue, and Red are part of Staff. (Staff, Global Mods, and Administrators)
So, feel welcomed to come up to any of us if you need any help with the site! <3

I hope you enjoy yourself here on Iwaku by becoming an active member with posting, being involved in
General and Board Games, and if you wish to get to know the members here on the site more, come into the Cbox for some great chatting!
And if you're truly insane, welcome yourself to the Asylum (be warned....).

*tips hat* Have a great day,
And can't wait to see your name around the site. ^^

EDIT: I love your name, by the way! Artemis has always been a favorite. <3
Welcome to Iwaku, Artemis. Cool avatar! Do you play bass?
I do play bass in a band called Degueim (De-ga-me).

*stares at revenant and curtsies* It is a pleasure for you to be welcoming here. Artemis a.k.a Diana is one of my personal favorites too.
Whoo! Another lover of Artemis! She was always my favorite of the Greek/Roman gods! ...Yet, not why I am named Diana! XD

Welcome to Iwaku!
*looks at alias*


*looks at name*


*looks at previous poster*


*closes the dimensional rip*

*throws his Mythos notes out the window*

Now everyone's going to lose their accurate understanding of the plot.
I was fooled too.

*puts his denture back in place*
I expect you to have a great time with me too.
Or else it's your loss.
And you fail.
. . .
-shakes hand onoxiously.-
Welcome to Iwaku!

*Sets fire to Asmo's plot notes* You'll live.

I enjoy the forum handle, Artemis is in my top five of the Greek Gods and my top twenty pantheon gods from around the world. What sort of rps do you most enjoy?

We welcome you again and hope you enjoy your stay!