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  1. Waves, handshakes, salutes, shouts, bowing, nodding, hugs, 'hi', 'good morning', 'yo!', secret handshakes, and wolf whistles; all of these greetings have unwritten rules for how and where to use them. What kind of greetings does your fictional culture use?

    Fill out as many of these as you like: add more if you want!

    A common greeting you could use from a distance

    A very warm, personal greeting

    A kind, complimentary greeting

    A formal greeting

    A way to welcome someone to your home

    An old-fashioned greeting

    A new, 'hip with the kids' greeting

    A greeting with specific cultural implications

    A patriotic greeting

    An obscene/offensive greeting

    A sensual/seductive greeting

    A thankful greeting

    A sad/sombre greeting

    A fun greeting
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  2. This is for my mer race

    A common greeting you could use from a distance: Put one arm up and move it towards your opposite side and down until it is all the way down and that hand is over the other arm's hand. Then return arm where it goes.

    A very warm, personal greeting: Wrap your arms around the other person and tilt your head so your head frills brush against eachother.

    A kind, complimentary greeting: Put your hand flat against the palm of the other person's so your fingers line up.

    A formal greeting: A flick of a mer person's tail is a formal greeting.

    A way to welcome someone to your home: Brush your head frills briefly along theirs.

    An old-fashioned greeting: A proper wave of the tail.

    A new, 'hip with the kids' greeting: Slapping tail fins together, kind of like how people do high fives.

    A sensual/seductive greeting: Running your tail up again another mer person's for more than usually or running your hand over one of the scaled parts of their body.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.