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  1. Hello.

    I just joined this site and I must say that I'm loving it already. This is the first time I've joined a site solely dedicated to roleplaying but this doesn't mean I'm a stranger to roleplaying. I, in fact, enjoy it very much, The way I can create and be whoever I want to be. This is what I enjoy the most about it.

    Anyways, I hope we can all get along well!
  2. Welcome to the site ^^
    We hope so as well, now off you go, to join some awesome RPs ;)
    (maybe one of mine)
    Hope you enjoy your time here at Iwaku xD
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  3. What rp's are you hosting?
  4. Woho!
    I mean *caugh* how lovely, please do ^^
  5. Welcome to Iwaku.
  6. Thanks ^^
  7. Welcome to Iwaku.

    Hope you enjoy your time here. We've got the best rp on the net.
  8. I already am! Coolest site I've seen thus far that uses Xenforo!
  9. Howdy Accelerator! 8D Welcome to the community!
  10. Welcome Accelerator!
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I really appreciate it! ^^
Thread Status:
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