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  1. Halo! I'm Trinket. I've enjoyed sixteen years of online role-playing (on and off depending on how life itself runs). I'm also a collector of MLP and other horse figures.

    If /you/ collect anything, what do you collect?
  2. Hi trinket! 8D Welcome to the community!

    I collect DVDs! I love my tv/movie time cause it's my favorite way to relax and turn off my brain. I have 1000+ dvds I have collected over the past 10 years. O_O
  3. Hello Diana! Thanks for the welcome ;3

    That is a lot of DVD's. But movie time is wonderful! I've just been making do with the free Hulu stuff and anything I find on youtube for entertainment outside my reading and writing. I don't have many DVD's and not sure my old VHS's work anymore... don't have a VCR to play them anyway.Where do you store them all o-o
  4. I have two shelves that are over stuffed with them! So I haven't bought any new ones in a really long time cause I just dun have the space the add more. ;__; I'm totally planning on building built-in shelves on my entiiiiiiiire living room wall though. >:3
  5. That sounds like a great plan! Shelves are good. I need to get myself a couple of display cases for my collection so they're not just sitting in a box. Although not as entertaining as dvds, but decorative.
  6. Hello Trinket and Welcome!!!! ^ 3^

    I love to collect Dragons, seriously if you walked into my place you would be like, "WOAH!! DRAGONS EVERY WHERE!!!" XD
  7. Lots of love for both film and dragons. Oh yeah. Anyway, welcome Trinket!

    I personally don't collect anything at present. But, I am thinking about collecting swords, since I am an avid lover of blades. I only have three so far, hardly a collection. Haha
  8. Hello HopeRaz and Lycaon.

    I do love dragons too. Mostly anything mythological, but trying to keep it to just one thing. Well I have a small collection of ty beanies that are almost all cats (unless they were a gift and thus one is a mouse) and wouldn't mind collecting wolves... but I've only so much room, alas.

    Ooh a sword collection sounds like it would be fun too. But I think I'll keep blades away though I wouldn't mind perusing someone elses collection =3. And one has to start somewhere.