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  1. Hello, feel free to address me as Ayn. I am a passionate, storyline driven writer so if you share this style we should get along quite well.

    I have filled out my profile including a small sample of my writing. If you should have interest or questions, feel free to message me. It may take awhile for me to get acquainted with the workings of this site, but I'm not new to roleplay.

    That's about it for an intro I suppose. I'm easy to get along with, respectful, impossible to offend or shock and enjoy writing. I look forward to creating a story with you.
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  2. Hi there Sonos! <3 We're happy to have you in the community!
  3. Yallo! Welcome to Iwaku! I require to know your favourite animal, dessert, and colour!
  4. Thank you Ms. Diana
  5. Thank you Minibit.

    Then I shall oblige ;)

    Well if we are referring to animals in existence; I will go with wolves.
    As for dessert, honestly, not a big fan of most sweets but I do love frozen fruits. (instantly feels nerdy xD)
    Favorite color would have to be black, but I am also quite fond of shades of blue and purple.
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  6. Welcome! I hope you have loads of fun and, especially, make lots of friends here. I myself am new here and have been wandering the sections and posts trying to know whats going on before actually starting on my adventure. You'll see that, in no time, you will be a part of this community just as much as it is a part of you.