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  1. I am Anubis, a username that nods to my fascination of the Egyptian mythos. My fascination does not end with just one culture, however. At any rate, I figured I'd leave my salutations here along with some basic information. If you're curious about more, feel free to ask or message me in private.

    What do you prefer to be called? Anubis will be fine. Pet nicknames are annoying, but tolerated.
    Boy, girl, or a mystery? Male.
    How old are you? Twenty years of age.
    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying? Yes.
    Do you like group RPs or just a single partner? I can go back and forth, but most of my experience lies within 1x1 role-play.
    Do you like stomping on crunchy leaves? Who doesn't?
    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind? The Dead Can't Testy - Billy Talent
  2. Hey-oh, @Anubis! I'm Levusti, but you can call me Lev!

    Welcome to Iwaku! We're a super awesome and friendly roleplaying site where you'll find people from all around the world and from different walks of life!

    Be sure to read through the Iwaku Terms of Service and Rules and the List of FAQs to be up-to-date on the policies of Iwaku.

    When you're ready to start, feel free to join in any of the roleplays found in Roleplay Forums or hone and exhibit your craft at the Institute, Challenges, Guild, and Museum!

    If you have any questions about navigating the site or the system we use at Iwaku, feel free to ask me or any other members! We'll be happy to answer you! If we can't find an answer, we'll direct you to someone who knows the answer.

    Have fun!

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  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Anubis!
    It is the one who crowned me Ceruler! haha I don't see many Egyptian style rps, so I think if someone were to use their knowledge to make such an rp....well they could count me as a potential character. =D

    If you need anything, feel free to send me a message.