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  1. Hello, fellow RPers!

    I figured I'd stop in and join the party as my other site is down, and since I'm a RP addict I'm sure I'll be right at home here! I'm especially a fan of anything historical or dystopian, while also having a soft spot for some fantasy.
  2. Hey-oh, @Jannah! I'm Levusti, but you can call me Lev!

    Welcome to Iwaku! You'll find us to be a super fun and friendly roleplaying community!

    Be sure to check the Iwaku Terms of Service and Rules and the List of FAQs to keep on top of this site's policies.

    When you're ready to start, feel free to just join in any of the roleplays at the Roleplay Forums or hone and exhibit your craft at the Institute, the Challenges, the Guild, or the Museum!

    I see that you don't have a Roleplay Resume set up yet. While it's not necessary, it certainly helps other roleplayers with similar interests to scout you! Posting in the Roleplay Invitation Requests thread after you've completed your resume will get you into new roleplays faster!

    If you have any questions about navigating this site or the system we use here at Iwaku, let me or any other member know! I'm sure we'd be happy to answer your question! If we don't know how to answer your question, we'll direct you to someone who does!

    Have fun!

  3. Thanks! I'll go check it out! Those sorts of things do help, after all.
  4. Let me guess, your prior site is the RolePlayer Guild?

    Anyway, welcome! Love your avatar and signature by the way. :)
  5. Yep! I guess you've figured out it was down, eh? I recognize your username from there.
  6. Yeah.

    Originally I thought it was just my internet connection. However, when I searched Yahoo Answers and discovered the RolePlayer Guild on Facebook, through a link, I discovered that the website was offline. :/ Everyone is saying it will be a week until it's repaired and functional again. No one really knows what happened, but supposedly Mahz will have it up and running again.
  7. Yea, I heard the same. I hope it's no more than a week since I just started a group RP there a few days ago.
  8. Hey, Jannah! Glad to see someone else from RP Guild that I actually RP'd with! I was MaxCentaur. Bummed that the site went down do soon after your RP started!