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  1. I'm Killer Ninja Kitty~
    You can call me Ninja or Kitty, but never killer. I know what I am.
    I'm very shy, I can barely type things without wanting to hide and never come back.
    Anyways, I just want to say I'm fairly new to role-playing, well okay I'm not that new. I did have a few role-plays a while back and I just stop role-playing after the website died. So to put it bluntly I'm going to be very rusty at this.

    I like doing fandoms of anime, managas, video games that I'm fond of.
    The current animes I'd love to do right now is Naruto and Soul eater.

    I hope I make new friends here..... Yeah that's all I have to say. ._.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Kitty, I hope you enjoy the stay here :) it's a great website and one that I do hope you enjoy.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! Is that a Wolf's rain avatar I spy or am I just insane?

    That must be it, I am insane.

    Anyways, there are links if you need them and a roleplay academy that is quite delightful.
  4. Welcome Killer Ninja Kitty! I'm very good with kitties so don't kill me with your ninja skills XD You'll fit right in here so have fun and enjoy your stay! :)

  5. You are insane but yes it's a wolf's rain avatar you spy. :3
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  6. Welcome to the site! If you feel you'd like some practice, the content forums are a great place to practice characterization and writing skills! We also have a whole group (in the Groups tab) for anime fans, I think you'd make friends there :)