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  1. Hello! I go by the name Luna! I've been rping for many, MANY years (almost 15 years?) and while I'm not perfect I have interesting things to bring to an rp. This includes an entire, fully developed race which is just as diverse as the human race! It's nice to meet you all.
  2. ^_^ It's nice to meet you as well miss Luna! Welcome to Iwaku roleplay, I hope you find much fun here.
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  3. Ooh, hello! I'm interested in this new race, tell me more!

    Also, it sounds like you may be a Worldbuilder! (someone who enjoys putting time into working out the details of a world a roleplay is setting; inventing languages, holidays, species, and other elements of the roleplay universe), did you know Iwaku has a GUILD JUST FOR WORLDBUILDING FUNTIMES?! You should check it out sometime!

    I'm Minibit, or Mini for short, and you can shoot a PM my way if you're ever bored or lost :)