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  1. Hello everyone, my name's Kevin. I had quit role playing a long time ago, but recently I've felt the sudden urge to do it again. I didn't know where to begin so Google pointed me in this direction. Hopefully I can make myself comfortable here, and get all the ideas clogging up my thought process out of my head.

    Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my 'go to' themes for rp. I've moderated my own in the past although I don't think I'm capable of doing that anymore. I sometimes but not often, immerse myself in a Non-Fiction rp, but those generally aren't my style.

    I hope to mingle with as much of you as I can, and have as much fun this place has to offer.

    Things I like to find in RPs:
    • Colorful and creative characters , I like when characters have unique substance that differentiate their personas from the rest. Seeing 3 characters with the same nonchalant, loner, cool guy, bad boy, attitude gets kind of old. (Just an example, there isn't anything wrong with said persona, just what I've seen replicated the most.)
    • Multiple well thought out settings, I love when a rp can make you feel like you're actually going to an incredible place, or your character is in an incredible place.
    • Back story, free rp is fun no doubt, but a well thought out role play gets me every time. With a back story I feel like I have more ground to stand on, and some place to walk. A good exposition will almost always lead into a good rising action.
  2. G'day, Kevin!
    How's Iwaku treating you so far?
  3. It's been an 'eh' experience so far. I mean the welcomes just came pouring in after all. Then again I joined at like 1 am.
  4. Hi, Kev.

    So you'll not like me being a cool, nonchalant, bad guy.
  5. I also play the loner but I can do pretty good work with other persona when asked
  6. Lol, not anything wrong with the persona, and I wouldn't personally hold anything against you. I just find that typical character type overplayed. But if it floats your boat being that guy then by all means do whatever makes you happy.

    Well hopefully once I actually get started rp'ing I'll get to see those other personas without having to ask.
  7. Glad you joined! i see you have immersed yourself in the community pretty well so far. How are the Jump In Roleplays treating you? Better or worse than expected?

    Oh and if you are up for any specific RP you have been itching to do, I am your go to guy because well I don't really have any character limitations and I have been considered a good roleplayer and writer.
  8. Thanks a lot for the warm welcome :)

    I've been trying to get myself into the forum and it's been working pretty well, the jump ins are really nice, pretty easy to follow and improvise. As for specific RP I have something that I'm working on that could definitely use your feed back. I'll pm it to you.
  9. hey Spirit thanks for the warm welcome, I'd be happy to RP with ya when you get that idea up and running.