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  1. hello, I'm Crowseph Xavier Derlock, Well that's the name of the character i play most often, i made him up completely. You Can call me Crow for Short, though that much was probably obvious.

    I Generally Para and Semi-Para RP, I use a lot of detail, and a Lot of Detail, I actually like to have a clean visual of the setting and whats happening. I will not Cyber, its not that i cant, its just that i really don't want to.

    I do all sorts of Free made RP, I'm generally best at Modern/Fantasy, or semi-Renaissance/Fantasy RP.

    I Know a lot on the Mythical Subjects ranging from Greek to Norse, and even some North American.

    A more playful Intro:

    *The Man stepped up onto the stage. he wore black slacks, a black long-sleeve button down shirt opened that revealed a white T-Shirt, and black leather dress shoes.* Man:"Hello Everyone! My name Is Crowseph, And i am very Glad to be here today." *The stage lay in a large Poetry Styled Cafe, the walls were a olive Green, the Floors solid wood, The bar was actually a large Island in the middle of the place with room in the middle for a couple of bartenders to move around and serve drinks. Wood Tables were scattered about the place with simple wooden chairs, and simple booths with black leather seats lined the walls. the Sealing was almost a twin to the floor, Minus the stage and tables.*

  2. Hi there Crow! >:3 Welcome to the site!
  3. I -am- a stalker.

    Welcome to Iwaku, Crow.
  4. Thank you for the Welcomes, hope to see you around.