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  1. Hello, fellow roleplayers! It's 2 AM here, and I've selected Cathedral_Dweller as my screenname because, well, I just love cathedrals...the physical places and the word. But if it's easier for you, feel free to call me Cat.

    I found roleplaying because I'm actually an aspiring novelist. I really love delving into plot, setting, and especially character. Mostly I've just messed around on Harry Potter roleplaying sites and amateur stuff with some friends, but I'd really love to branch out and find a community of people to roleplay with and stretch my long-atrophied writing muscles.

    So I look forward to rping and hopefully getting to know some of you!
  2. Hey! I'm about to check out, because I'm running on an hour and a half of sleep XD. BUT. When I wake up, would you be down for a post-graduation Marauder's RP? I usually take Lily, Lupin...anyone else I need to...just get back to me =).
  3. That sounds awesome! I looked at your profile...I study history and literature too! Can't wait to see what we can come up with. :)