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  1. Hello, Radioactive here.

    I love role playing, have been doing it since I was about twelve? I prefer high casual, to advanced. Not sure if this site really has a differentiation. I enjoy, modern mixed with dark undertones, love-hate, metaphors, and mostly intermixed webs of madness :D. I hope to meet all of you, and end up writing some intriguing stories with some of you.

  2. Hey there! Welcome!

    Hmm, I may have a few plots you'd enjoy *shifty eyes*. Any limits?
  3. Thanks :) I will message you!
  4. Hey there Radioactive!

    And if you love RP'ing, I don't think you could have come to a better place. The community in Iwaku is just fantastic and I'll have to say, I stayed here because of it. Everyone's willing to RP and if you ever need any help, just ask about!

    There really is no differentiation here, Radioactive, since we don't like putting limits on our players creativity. However, there are some GMs, myself included, that expect somewhat detailed replies to their RPs. I'm guessing you came from RolePlayer Guild because that's the only place I know of that differentiates RPs according to Free, Casual and Advanced.

    In any case, I might have a modern RP with slightly dark undertones to it that you might like. If you ever find yourself wanting a high-fantasy, highly detailed/worldbuilt RP, just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do for you.

    I hope you enjoy it on Iwaku, and certainly looking forward to what you can contribute to our community. :D
  5. Hello Malkuthe, thanks :) and I noticed that quickly.

    As for where I came from, yes, it was RPG :x it's nice to see no real differentiation for once.

    As for the offer on a roleplay i'll contact you shortly :)
  6. I saw you in the Cbox! :D Welcome to the crazy family Radioactive! <3

    Also, if I develope any extra toes or fingers...I am totally blaming you >.>