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  1. Well I am new to this site but am looking forward to fun and interesting role plays. I'be been role playing now for roughly 6 years off and on and I consider myself to be fairly skilled. I enjoy detail and description as well as adding the emotions that my characters are feeling at any given moment. So my posts tend to be fairly lengthy, more so if I really enjoy the rp. However I do suffer from writers block like anyone else on occasion.
  2. Welcome <3 Glad I could get you to join up!
  3. :) Thank you for recommending.
  4. Welcome! I must ask you, are you by any chance a fan of the author Derek Landy? I must know if your username was inspired by a series he wrote or if it is simply a coincidence.
  5. Hiya! Looking for a roleplay? Then send me a visitor message! I love roleplaying! I'm also pretty flexible xD Yupp.

    Btw Welcome :D