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  1. 'Ello, everyone! Name's Kismet - it's a pleasure to be here!

    I'm a nineteen year old university student from New England, looking forward to roleplaying and talking with you all! This community seemed pleasant and laid-back, so I figured I'd join, give it a go. I'm pretty horrible at introductions, but I'll do my best to give you a run down of the basics.

    What's your favorite genres to roleplay?
    My favorite genres are easily anything that involve a hint of magic, whether it's medieval fantasy, modern-day fantasy, or what have you. I'm also a big fan of steampunk, even though I haven't had as many opportunities to mess around with the genre than I would like. I can also do real life settings, but the plot has to be exceptionally good. I don't particularly like playing in a setting unless it has at least a touch of magic to it, or I'll get bored really quickly.​

    What kind of characters do you usually play?
    I play any and all types of characters! I play all genders, all sexualities, all ages, and all body types. If I haven't played a type of character, then I'd be interested in trying it out as well - I don't have very many limits on the types of people that I roleplay, and I'm always looking to explore new territories, in terms of characters. ​

    Give us your favorite song of the moment!
    I wouldn't be able to sing along to it, given the nature of the song, but I've been listening to a lot of Mono lately, more specifically, Pure as Snow. I listen to a lot of instrumental music when I'm writing, and Mono really helps me when I'm in an inspiration slump - plus, it's just pleasant music to listen to in the background, while I'm typing, haha.​

    Anyhow, it's great to meet you lot again - here's to talking and roleplaying with you all!
  2. Welcome to iwaku :)

    I hope you have found your way around easily, if not here's some links ;)

    If you want to find one x one partners then you go to one x one requests and start searching there by either posting a new topic where you ask after partners or by answering on others requests ;)
    If you are into mature roleplays then you first have to ask permission to get into your specific mature area (All over 18 joins 18+ and all under 18 joins the other one) And once an admin have accepted you into the group then you can go to the roleplay section of the mature are. (If you don't like mature roleplays then you don't have to be there ofc.)
    For group rps there are
    modern, fantasy and sci-fi sign ups, where you can either post your idea or read others ideas and join in.
    You can also jump into an rp in the
    jump in section or do your own jump in roleplay, no bio is required if the GM hasn't said anything else.
    And at last, in roleplay talk you can discuss a idea you have and see if someone is interested before you post it in the modern, fantasy or sci-fi section.

    Also we have a general chat where you can chat a lot :) And you can join groups to find people that share the same interest as you ;)

    Hope you find your way around on iwaku and if you have any questions about the site then it's just to ask in thecommunity hub or an admin (people with blue usernames) ^^
  3. Hiya, Kismet! Welcome, welcome!

    We've got quite a bunch of fantasy RPs that could probably fit your interest. Magic has always been popular!
    It's good meeting you, and if you've got questions and sort, throw things..THROW THINGS at me until I answer, or you can always find another staff member or admin.

    Have fun!
  4. OOhhh, I like this one. We will probably do a RP together at some point, same tastes and the like. AND i'm also in new england :3
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Kismet! Your name reminds me of this song I like called Ki-Se-Ki. Kiseki means Miracle! Whenever I hear that song, I will now think about you. >:[

    Your resume looks super interesting! You'll get along well with everyone here! I hope you join some really boss roleplays! If you need anything, let me know, sweetheart!