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  1. Hello. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Zoroki.

    We are two personalities of the same person. One is Zoki (common name). He is the joking, enthusiastic, cartoonish part who mostly operates the body. The other is Zoron (legal name). He is the serious, moral and wise part who remains in the mind as the voice of reason. We switch from time to time.

    We have only recently began our search for the answers to the relationship we share, our first step being to research our Gemini star sign. We were hoping this site would allow us to use our unique perspective on personalities as a tool for our imagination on this site. We, as you can tell, prefer referring to ourselves as "we", "us" and "our" instead of "I", "me" and "mine" (kind of like Venom from Spiderman and Ermac from Mortal Kombat).

    At first it was just Zoki, but after watching the Yu-Gi-Oh! cartoon, he developed a similar mental "firend" if you will. But soon he gave him his name that he used for legal purposes (field trip forms, health forms, ect), Zoron.

    Of course, there are those who may think we have a multiple personality disorder, but we do not see it as a disorder because we are simply two sides of the same coin. The yin and yang if you will. With a disorder, the personalities conflict with each other. This is not the case with us because we work together and support each other to maintain an equilibrium and balance of our body, mind and spirit (don't really believe in spirits anyway, but oh well).

    Sometimes one gets carried away, for example Zoki may get too foolish and irritate others to the point of getting us into trouble, and Zoron could get caught up with morals and rules that he would waste time on things like projects and assignments. Nevertheless, one side always works to maintain the other. In fact, if one was not there, the other would surely suffer greatly.

    So in conclusion, this is us! We humbly introduce ourself to you all.
  2. Welcome Zoroki, if there are any questions that need answering, do not hesitate to ask. All of Iwaku's members are friendly and helpful. Enjoy the site's functions and again, welcome
  3. Hm, two personalities of the same person? Intriguing.

    Well Zoroki, I welcome you both to Iwaku!

    Telling by what you've put here..I'm really interested to see how you RP.
    I hope you find some awesome RPs and if you get lost or have a question, talk to me! I'll gladly get you straight away.

    See you both soon.
  4. Oh just how great is this.

    Another with multiple personality.

    Welcome, Zoki! Welcome, Zoron! Welcome to Iwaku!

    Here, you guys will have to share this cookie ok?


    I'm Selenite, another fellow Gemini. Also with a split personality, but not as fixed as yours- meaning, my two selves are always shifting their personality. Call us as you please... anything from Sel to Selenite.

    Have fun, and see you around!