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Greetings! ^^

I'm a junior high school student that enjoy video games, movies, and animes.

Boy or girl? You think?

Yeah, I'm new to this site, and I don't roleplay much. I mainly prefer to write stories rather than roleplaying. I tend to write worse when I roleplay. Dunno why, probably because I'm lazier to write with more details when it comes to roleplays.

I'm working on a novel about assassins, which is inspired from Hitman, Canaan, Alpha Protocol, and other fictions.

Roleplays? I usually prefer modern of sci-fi, but I like fantasy too. I prefer to be a female bisexual or lesbian character, and if possible, an assassin or mercenary instead of being loyal to a faction.

Weapons? I prefer guns and blades for my arsenal. Preference of weapon type depends on the character, but I like to go with an FN FiveSeven as my sidearm.

Further infos about me can be explored by going into my profile page.

Kinda busy with life right now, so I can only accept private or 1x1 roleplays.

Oh, and also, English is actually my second language.
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