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  1. I feel old

    I've been roleplaying so long, it's just something I always come back to!
    I can't believe I've never come upon such a helpful/all in one site. Fab idea whoever thought this one up.

    I'm the most easy-going person you'd ever meet, I like animals, nature, kayaking, gaming, AND reading. Currently just started Storm of Swords; Song of Fire and Ice. Maybe you've heard of it. Haha, GREAT series! I like most music, but especially electronic and rock.

    I roleplay animals, fantasy, and post-apocalyptic. My chars are saucy or noble.

    Looking to join in a group rp if you know of any I might like! :sword:
  2. Hey! Welcome to Iwaku!!! :D
    This site is pretty badass I must say. :]]
    You won't find many awesome friendly people then here. ^^
    Hope you enjoy your stay, and never be a stranger! :]
  3. Hey thanks! x)

    I'm glad you like smilies as much as me! =O
  4. Hey there, welcome to Iwaku. Sites full of nice people and plenty of awesome rp's so go nuts. I know I sure in the hell do Xp
  5. Greetings, massacre!

    It is good to have you with us on Iwaku!

    You like gaming? You should definitely join the
    Iwaku Gaming Guild and discuss your favorites.

    Should you need anything, please ask. ^^