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  1. Hello guys! Wanted to post a little bit info about myself :)

    Currently i am a student, studying Digital Content at university, in the near future i hope to create wonderful game for roleplayers, with awesome graphics, and free world where you could do anything that you desire.
    Also, i am now working at brand new website called DreamerLink (you can check it here if you are interested ^^) as community manager. DreamerLink is made for gamers, cosplayers and especially for roleplayers, since you can create you personal characters as avatars.

    I am a roleplayer, i LOVE to releplay, i think it's the best feeling in the world to create a character, and then become your character! I love to roleplay as samurai since i love Asian culture and especially samurai era! <3

    Also i am cosplayer and gamer. Currently the most time i spend on these games - WoW, GW2, LoL.
    Hope to have some wonderful roleplaying sessions with you guys!
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  2. Hi hi new person! I am new too! I joined yesterday!!! I too play LoL! I also love to rp aswell! I am just trying to get back into the groove of rping quickly and efficiently ;w; so yeah... I hope you enjoy it here! people are nice so far so I hope you find a good rp >w< good luck!!!!!
  3. Hi Mundasa, welcome to Iwaku.
  4. Welcome aboard, Mundasa. Take a cookie and enjoy your stay.
  5. Fk yea!

    *ahem* Enjoy your stay :)
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