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  1. Hi everyone. My alias is Sterling and I'm excited to join your community. Just from peeking at a number of entries, it's clear folks are passionate about writing. I find that very inspirational! I would role play quite often when I was younger, but set it aside for a few years. Currently, I've involved in a Star Wars 1x1 roleplay (I prefer 1x1 roleplay in general) and decided to explore something new ... so, here I am! I like the idea of occasionally trying something different to reset the brain.

    I'm still poking around and will have my Roleplay Resume up soon ... I'm usually slow to start, but I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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  2. Welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll fit right in <3

    I'm one of the mods here, and you can message me any time you need a hand!
  3. Thanks, Minibit!
  4. Welcome to the site here have a cookie. They're freshly made >.>
  5. Welcome to the site, Sterling! Hope you enjoy what Iwaku has to offer! :D
Thread Status:
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