Greetings, this is Wildpelt of Shadowclan...

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  1. I am also on, and I wished to find a new site. Kuddos to .:Badapple:. for sending me here. Two things:
    1) I do mature AND normal rps. Yes, I'm 14. No, I'm not that type of guy. I just got over that boyish instinct.
    2)Who can help me rp?
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, dude. I dunno about rp help, but I'm always up to join in on something if it interests me. Look me up if you start something.
  3. welcome to iwaku
  4. *Leans and whispers* Was it the instinct to jump on and maul your prey? Because I don't think that goes away!

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. Thank you Diana! Thanks for the invite. and yes, as Shadowclan's medicine cat I can attest to that.