Greetings, People of Iwaku. I come in peace.

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  1. Hello, humans who write! I, too, am a human who writes, and I'm ecstatic to be here! It's late (or very early, depending on how you see the glass) where I am, but that's how chuffed I am to get started. I even filled out my Roleplay Resume and everything!

    Anywho, my name is April. Hi! So, about me:

    • I'm new to the site, and while this ain't my first rodeo, I'm still learning what works and doesn't work for me when it comes to role playing. I write a lot, but that's typically a solitary task so my RP skillz probably aren't super hot (but maybe you'll overlook them because I spelled skills with a "z"). In all seriousness, I'm eager to learn, so pointers are most welcome!
    • I've done group and one x one RP's. I like them both, so long as we keep up a good flow of communication and friendly chit chat accompanies the RP. :)
    • I like lots of different topics and genres. If it's not in my resume, that doesn't mean I won't try it. But Avatar: The Last Airbender is the only fandom I'm interested in role playing at this time.
    • Ninjas over pirates
    • Tea over coffee
    • Cats and dogs I like equally, though green sea turtles hold a very special place in my heart

    Enough about me. Who are all of you?
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  2. Hello, April! Welcome to Iwaku, and please make yourself at home! We have plenty to do here, and plenty of people to do said things with! Hope you like the site!
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  3. Hey, thanks for the warm welcome!

    Questions: How do you typically get a role play started here? Do you post in the Interest Check forum first? Or jump into the category forums? Do you ever just read through people's resumes and send them a message if they're open for invitations?

    Where I used to role play (and I admit it was ages ago), I used to write an RP post, and then wait for someone to respond. I see there's a Jump-In forum, but it doesn't seem to get much participation. So, what works best for you all when trying to get a good RP going? :)
  4. You had me at "Skillz with a 'z' "


    Depends on your preference: do you like group play, or one-on-one? Each has a sub folder where you can both peruse players interests and advertise your own.
  5. Welcome to Iwaku. We greet thee with the utmost enthusiasm. And to answer your questions there's no right way. I normally start off with a interest/discussion to get ideas and see who is interested.

    Also, stay away from the Insanity Thread. Crazy place.
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, April Showerz!!! I hope you have a fantastical time here! xD
  7. A stranger.. from the outside.. oooooo~

    The claw welcomes you.
  8. Hello April and welcome to the site!

    ....And if you want to do an Avatar: the last Airbender roleplay, give me a PM- I'd love to work something out with you.

    Also: Sea turtles are literally the best animals. Ever. <3
  9. So you bring May Flowers? Okay, I'll stop with bad jokes, never. Welcome.
  10. Ah! You guys are amazing. I've got the warm fuzzies. Never Have I gotten such a warm welcome from a forum RP site - and that's saying something seeing as the previous places I've been were pretty darn friendly.

    @Val Thanks for the advice! I like group and one x one role plays equally. Everything here is so wonderfully compartmentalized it almost makes it difficult to figure out where to go next. The one big idea I'm craving seems not to be in high (or any) demand here, but that's just from what I've seen. I'll keep looking around, though. Maybe once I've gotten used to the site a bit more, I'll put out my own interest check threads. :)

    @Archwar Stay away from Insanity Thread. Noted.

    @Unsun You're a darling! Grazie mille!

    @AkikoYukito The claw...

    @Avalon I may very well take you up on that! Thanks for reaching out! Sea turtlez 4-ever, yo.

    @Bob Ross Firstly, I'd like to thank YOU, Bob Ross. Every site should have a Bob Ross. And I'll take a bad joke over no joke any day! But, have you seen my avatar? Of course I bring flowers! :P
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  11. Well, I recently returned from some cousin of a hiatus (Don't think three months justifies the term) and I'm looking for a partner or whatever myself. Also, this "big idea" interests ME, despite not at all known what it is <_____<; Drop me a message some time it you'd like, I'm always strewn about somewhere craving a new writing endeavor.
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