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  1. I come from a derelict land of debauchery (Starts with 'F' and has a hyphen in it somewhere) as an RP refugee. Was previously on Shangrila MUX as a near-prolific Master of Ceremonies rivaling the great Pucky Luxx. (I have a more extensive RP whereabouts list. Check my profile, yeah?)

    I wander aimlessly, eager for literary sustenance tailored to the unique Yautja fiction I crave that has my flagship character rediscovering himself and discovering new situations, cultures and the like.

    They say beggars can't be choosers, but this beggar once had an RP silver spoon wedged between his jaws that he rightfully earned with years of personal study and work.

    I have the means to prove and show. Now I seek others who can cook a crafty turn of phrase, or play ones heart strings by baking a witty rhetorical line for the ages.

    So, hey there! Hello. Greetings. I enjoy chatting about RP-shop, RP-meta and learn. I love learning and applying what I learned. Especially if it helps my character and my 'game'.

    I have a whole universe under my skull. I seek the tools and techniques to display it for the world to view and decide what they think about it for themselves, and if they want to tag along for the ride.

    Much obliged to a hint from The Mood is Write about Iwaku.
  2. I'm still on that F place, but I can understand the reason for being a refugee. As for the MUX, I might try it out after my MUD became dedder than dead. Welcome to Iwaku! It's a bit different than other places for roleplay.

    I look forward to seeing you in action maybe.
  3. Well, as for Shang...I don't want to salt their earth here, but I'll state facts instead. They rely on an +ignore command for moderation. They will even further it by subtly blaming a victim if they didn't use the +command when things 'happen'.

    There is also a very prominent 'old hat' OOC clique that does the laurel sitting and isn't so much focused on helping the game.

    I went against those grains and I got pushed out, despite helping the 'plebs' of the game.

    However, I speak of the in-game theme and the grid. If you stick to the OOC rooms and 'sandbox' then you just have to fend with the +ignore function and not have to worry about cliques and others.

    I hate sounding so negative, but it's that "warning to heed" kind of thing. And yet I know 'show, don't tell'. So if you need to, just experience it for yourself.

    I hope to show my skills here and network!
  4. Well I haven't experienced those problems but I rarely get outside of a handful of private channels, one related to /tg/, if you know that board from a certain place. But enough talk about that place.

    Since I'm doing this on a 3DS, it's a bit difficult but like I hopefully said before, welcome to Iwaku! I might have a place where a Predator (hopefully I am right) could join.

    I am an active member of a group called When World Collide (probably not the one you might see in the ad rotation) and there's a predator already in there. Also, we're incredibly friendly. When my laptop is charged, we can talk about it.
  5. Ahh! I was speaking about Shangrila, not 'that F site'. The latter has a good moderation staff as long as users report things. Just the main focus of the site isn't to my liking. I have a slimCat 'not interested' list that contains 2500+ entries and climbing.

    Sure! Please shoot a message when you are able and willing.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.