Greetings One and All

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  1. I would like to thank you for accepting me into my warm and open arms.
    The name is Aclethos (Ack-lay-thos), I began my roleplaying career
    in junior high with a the PnP RPG Dungeons and Dragons. From there once
    I actually became more active on the internet, I moved onto Roleplaying
    Forums in general, I have played Dungeons and Dragons for around 8 years
    now and I still enjoy sitting down with people and playing it today.
    My friends and I have moved on from silly combat to more heavy roleplaying
    and have been doing a campaign the last 2 years in which we have only gotten
    to level 8 so far, so we are taking our time and thoroughly enjoying the
    roleplaying experience. Anyway I wanted to tell you a bit about myself,
    now better question is, What about you? Let me know if there is anything cool
    about yourself and whether or not you have any cool ideas. I love
    reading through what other people have to say~
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  2. Acle!!
    I'm glad you made it~ You already know all about me, haha.
    (I will miss the auto-fonts, oh how I will miss them. I'm lazy.)