Greetings new pals

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  1. Hello, new member to this site...If you can't tell from the start, I'm not very good at greetings.
    Anyway yes, hello I am me, you are you, and if you want to ask about me, go ahead, I'm far better at re-actions then I am at actions.
    ((And if you still didn't get it, I'm terrible at greetings!))
    Also if anyone knows how to change their avatar, I'll be thankful a thousand times over if you share such information with me. :lol:
    Edit: NVM, found the way to change my avatar.
  2. Hey Dark! Good to see you made it safely to Iwaku!
  3. Why? Does this forum have a high crime rate? :lol:
  4. No... But you do! >.> Should say, Glad you made it without the police taking you in for ponynapping again! X3
  5. Now, now, my OC is not me. I'd thought you'd know that considering you're the only one back on LoE who called me by my username rather then my OCs name.
  6. I usually don't differentiate between OCs and Players. X3 I usually catch myself saying "I" when talking about Farsight... Doesn't help he's my Ponysona too...
  7. Hi there! I mixed up your topic title with your name and thought it was "Greetings Dark Gods",

    and then I was disappointed. t___t

    But hello and welcome to the site anyway!
  8. Weird, you're the one who calls me TDG instead of Physics, I have to correct almost everyone else on that.
  9. Thought I was some sort of cultist summoning some cthulhu-esqe horror didn't you?
    And thanks for the welcome!
  10. hello and welcome to the forum! :D glad you're here too!
  11. Thanks for the welcome!

    And I'm surprised no one is asking me questions yet!
    I mean I put that part in the OP, and no one has asked. :tongue:
  12. Hmm... who is best pony? ovO
  13. Trixie, was there every any doubt?
  14. Trixie for president 2016!

    What genre do you prefer in RP? Fantasy, Sci-fi, Historical, some combination thereof?
  15. Fantasy or Sci-Fi, or Science-Fantasy if you know what that is.
    RPing is a escapist style of entertainment, so things should be more fantastic and such.
  16. Any particular favorite movies or books that you would love to see brought to life as an RP?
  17. Yes please! X3
  18. :scurred:
    I'm not really sure, I prefer to RP in settings, rather then try to recreate them, mostly because how railroaded it is.
    Though I'm going to guess that I'm misunderstanding what you're saying. :tongue:
  19. well, for instance one could create a Lord of the Rings themed world, except without any impending doom and only minor skirmishes rather than outright war. If taken in "real time", an adventure in such a setting could go on for years without much actual change in the theme, unless someone went and found the Ring or something.
  20. I don't mean I don't do adventure RPs, I mean I don't like recreating the exact same adventure as a book.
    I'm willing to RP as some important people working under the Fellowship, I am not willing to RP as the Fellowship, doing what they did in the movie, since then we have something we have to follow nigh-word-for-word.