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  1. My name, or at least, the name I have chosen to bestow upon myself is CrimsonEclipse. If you're wondering where I got the name, let's just say that I was watching Fairy Tail when I got the sudden urge to make a Guild name, and this is what I came up with. I am a boy, but for the sake of roleplaying fun, I am willing to do female characters. I am 16 years old, pretty young huh?, but I prefer not to be treated as a kid. I am an adult, that wishes to be pampered every now and then.

    I am new to this website, but I have been roleplaying for about 5 months now.I would very much love to roleplay, whether group or single, fantasy or modern, I treat all roleplays the same. So yeah, that's me. If you still want to know me better, then just comment a question or send me a pm. I would really love to get to know you guys, and gals (see, I don't judge), and I hope we all have a good time together.
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  2. Welcome~ Its nice to meet you bro~ I'm Alister~ :D I'm 3 years older :P
  3. Welcome to the site! How you got the name is for the most part up to you, though I find it interesting. It is nice that you are flexible enough to role play either gender. Sixteen is not young, thirteen is.

    Really? Call me naive, but I do not know of a place that considers sixteen year old people as adults, must just be my arrogant lack of knowledge. In my opinion, not every role play should sound, be, or be treated the same since each is its own story, of which should be more interesting then looking at your past notes and then imagining a similar outcome. Just my opinions, disregard them if you want to.

    Welcome! Please forgive me for being a critic.
  4. The I am adult part was supposed to sound sarcastic, but oh well. Anyways, I hope we do get to roleplay with each other sometimes.
  5. Welcome to the site!!!

    I'm 16 too!!!!

    Hope to RP with you soon ^^/
  6. Hey there, CrimsonEclipse! Welcome to Iwaku~ :D
  7. Alas, sarcasm is very hard to note when the tone of words typed do not meet the tone of words heard. My apologies.
  8. Welcome Welcome to Iwaku!

    I hope you have a lovely time here and feel free to message me anytime if you need help or just wanna chat!

    I promise we don't bite! ...Hard
  9. Hi there Crimson, welcome to the abode! :D