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  1. Hello to all! My name is Rae and I'm a 17 year old lady. I decided to join this website because I really need to escape reality right now. Things haven't been going well in real life. I have been searching and searching for a real, well put together roleplaying site and it seems like I've found a place!

    Words to Describe Me!
    I give great advice
    I can be pessimistic at times, but I'm usually pretty sweet

    Favorite stuffs
    Futuristic (not so much star trek/star wars, more of mass effect)
    Futuristic + Military = definitely amazing (
    my favorite)
    Naughty naughty c;

    Stay tuned for more about me around the threads. I'm a friendly chick, so feel free to toss me a message or whatever. :satisfied:

  2. Hiya!

    Sounds like you found the right place! Iwaku has a very friendly staff, and lots of spots for people to get involved. Jump In roleplays are a good spot to start, but there are plenty of signups in the other forums as well. We can always use more Modern or SciFi plots/players. Any which of the ways, welcome and I hope to roleplay with you soon!
  3. Helllllooo~ Welcome to Iwaku, :).
  4. Hi there, Rae! I think you've chosen a swell place to hang out and escape. I just hope things get better for you in that fake place called "real life" soon. (I kid, I kid. I just don't have one.)

    Seriously, though. Enjoy your stay :D
  5. Thank you everyone. I look forward to jumping in. I'm definitely new to roleplay.