Greetings. How goes things..?

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  1. Hello all. Just a random thread for random conversation and being social, you know... if you're into that kind of thing.
  2. We have a delicious Chat Box for this manner of shenanigans.
  3. Yes, I was in there earlier, but everyone was basically clearing out of there already.
  4. You can always send me a PM for random conversations! I love those :3
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  5. I like talking about cats!
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  6. They're cute and stuffs. I named one Excalibri once. ._.
  7. I want to get a black kitten named Trouble
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  8. I've only had one cat and he was very mean.
  9. I have TOO MANY CATS. >:[ I used to dream about swimming in a pool of kittens. And this summer the outside cats kept having kittens when we have been way to broke to go get them fixed. KITTENS EVERYWHERE. A TORNADO OF KITTENS. THE SUMMER OF KITTENS.
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  11. At least you have cuteness to comfort you!
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  12. I really want a kitten but my two current cats would not appreciate that. They're 13 & 14 years old and I've had them since I was very small and I will cry when I have to go to college and leave them. Like srsly, I've had those cats as long as I've been in school. I keep pretending in my head that they're immortal because I don't want to admit that my cats are like, octogenarians. If they don't act their age I won't act like they're their age.
    I still want a kitten though.
  13. Kittehs are nice :3