Greetings Ghouls

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  1. Hiya Ghouls

    My screen name is KoolKatKyda but feel free to call me Kat as its a little easier on the fingers when typing :3

    I may be new here to Iwaku but I'm not new to Role Playing as I've been apart of various communities for nearly ten years now.

    I'm partial to the Supernatural and Fantasy roleplays myself, though I do like a good Slice of Life every now and then. Romantic adventures are my biggest draw but don't think ill just be the damsel in distress :P

    Coming from the great land down under my login times can be a bit tricky to co-ordinate with the rest of the world but ill try my best.

    See you round the site. <3
  2. A fan of Monster High I see. Welcome to Iwaku, Kat! There are sections for Fantasy, Slice of Life, and Supernatural. Though, Supernatural follows under the horror category. Check them out sometime, see if there's anything that interests you! Hope your stay here is wonderful! 8D
  3. Welcome to Iwaku KoolKat :D

    We're always in need of strong independent women, who don't need no white knight :P

    Hope you have tons of fun!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.