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  1. Hello everyone. I just joined Iwaku yesterday and only got active today, but I'm already liking it very much.
    I have a big range of interests, such as Japanese culture, including anime and Harajuku fashion, although I also love role playing.
    Starting at 13 years old, I've now role played for three years. Can't stop, you know?:lol:
  2. I know that feel, bro. When roleplaying becomes so addicting you spend your school days thinking up plots, worlds,'s the best way to spend your time in my opinion. But enough of that!

    Welcome to Iwaku! You'll find friendly faces and awesome staff/members who will gladly help you if you need any. If you'd like to warm up your roleplaying muscles, head onto the Jump In section! If not, you can browse around to your liking. If you have any plot ideas you'd like to toss around or need a roleplaying companion-guy, I'm your revolver :P

    Have fun!
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  3. Thank you for the tips, I deeply appreciate it. I'll "warm up my muscles" in roleplaying first, then I'll sent you a message if I ever need a partner! :D
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  4. Temo-kun, welcome to Iwaku!

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    I had a phase in high school where I was a Japanese-language-&-culture-fanatic, so I'm sure we have lots of things in common! Haha ~
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  5. Haha, rping is quite addicting, sometimes it's hard to go without when your used to it. So welcome to the crazy world of story writers. I hope you enjoy IWAKU, I have myself thus far. If you every want to chat, drop me a convo. Other than that, have fun!
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