Greetings from the living dead...

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Sable Blackwood

Original poster
If you're reading this then it probably means i'm dead...

Nah I'm kidding ya. haha!
I'm already dead.
Or undead I guess is the term.

My main play by is Sable Blackwood and undead girl with a bad attitude.
Cross her and you'll probably get shot in the face.

I often fill other roles as desired because come on,
Who can really stay as just one character on a forum site am I right.
If you can then I admire your consistency.

I mostly deal in horror and action roleplays.
Highly skilled in fighting roleplays.

I've been roleplaying now for about 10 years.
So I'd say i'm pretty seasoned.

To those just starting, I offer assistance to you as well.

So that it I think. I look forward to making new friends and starting some new roleplays!
Not open for further replies.